Eucharist and contraception


Contraception is intrinsically evil, always gravely immoral, and is an infallible dogma. So if one has full knowledge of this(which now the original poster does) and full consent of the will(the original poster does it anyways)then one has committed a mortal sin and may not receive communion. One cannot ignore the law purposely having erroneous conscience.


Read the post I just posted above. It is from the CCC, a true document. If I am missing someone in there that says the personal wants trump Church teaching, please show it to me…


Yup. It would be OK.

Really? Are you kidding? “Thou shalt not kill.” And yet in wartime you would get a medal if you killed a lot of the enemy. And now you will say, “Oh, but that’s a special circumstance…” So is self defense. So is defending another person against an attacker. So is…etc. etc. And that’s exactly my point: You have to look at the circumstances surrounding the action, the intent of the person, the capacity for free will, etc. etc. and no one can do all that. Only God can.


The clear teaching is still that divorce and remarriage is adultery.

Those were the words of Jesus. The problem is how to balance the teaching with trying to allow people to participate in the life of the Church to some degree.


If I am supreme in my conscience that murder is OK, then I kill someone with full knowledge and consent, I didn’t commit a mortal sin? Lets get real here.


If you think that then to be honest you really are very selectively reading the teaching of the Church.


This is false since contraception is intrinsically evil so no circumstance or intention can allow for one to use contraception.

True self defense and a good soldier killing the enemy is not murder. Murder is intrinsically evil.


This is reletavism.


Are you talking the act or the method such as a hormone pill?


Thank you for your responses, and especially to you, Erikaspirit. I can empathize with the idea that conscience should be considered. I am actually withholding myself from the Eucharist at the moment. I hope that in my judgement, God may also have mercy on me, for the sake of my conscience.


In fairness, you’d really have to do some amount of mental gymnastics to come to the conclusion that you’ve come to.

I mean, the church teaches that certain things are intrinsically evil. I.e…evil by their very nature. Meaning they can never be justified.

Abortion, Homosexual acts, Murder etc.

It can be argued as to the culpability of an individual, what is not debatable is that these things are evil.

The conscience that justifies these acts is acting against the natural law, right reason, and the commandments of God.

If they are fully culpable, it doesn’t matter how much their conscience allows them to do these things, they risk hell.


Conscience should be considered. And clearly your conscience is motivating you to not receive communion. Which is a good sign that you have formed it reasonably well. But you should try to move away from the use of contraception if at all possible and go to confession so that you can fully participate in the Eucharist. God bless you.


But your conscience must be in line with Church teaching. If is not, you need to re-calibrate it. Please do not gamble your soul like this. The Church teaching is that contraception is grave matter, and you know that it is, so now if committed is a mortal sin. Please don’t only hear what you want to hear. Don’t risk eternal punishment in hell because you want to contracept. Don’t fall prey to moral relativism.

I applaud your not receiving the Eucharist for now. Now go to confession and sin no more!


Thank you. For medical reasons we are scared of getting pregnant now. We mainly practice abstinence out of respect for the Church. When it’s time, we use AC. I know it’s not perfect. Just praying for the right choices.



Could you use NFP? It is not a mortal sin.


Yes we do use NFP to determine the timing, but we also add AC when the time comes. We’re just scared to remove the AC part. That’s why I’ve withheld the Eucharist and haven’t confessed it until we can do so…


Could you not just abstain when you would use AC?


It is easy to stand outside of a marriage and ask these questions, but, we don’t know what the real lived marriage is like. There are a million reasons why this may be difficult.


True. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. And we should always be encouraging of the move towards the church ideal.


I’m going to bet that no one on this forum has heard of Dr. John Rock.

He is the main inventor of the birth control pill. He was a pious Catholic, and went to morning mass–DAILY. He thought that there would be no problem with the Church approving the pill since it was a “natural” form of birth control–it simply mimicked what the body does automatically. He was sadly disappointed.

However, a side note to the story, which ties in with a couple other responses: It was mentioned in a few responses here that the birth control pill has medical applications. It does. Several. A major one–one that was known at the time it was introduced–was that it reduced breast cancer rates. If Dr. Rock had branded it as a medication that had side effects (birth control…), the Church most likely would have approved it.

There was a good article in the Atlantic about the inventors of the birth control pill in the Oct. 9, 2014 issue.

So back to my black and white analogy. Almost nothing is black and white. It’s almost always some shade of grey.

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