Eucharist and Jesus' Body

I was in discussion about the Eucharist with a protestant minister and he told me that the Eucharist is purely symbolic because Jesus was sitting at the Passover meal before he died on the cross so how can he offer bread and wine that was actually His flesh and blood?

Because he’s God, and is not bound by time.

Ask him how Jesus could multiply fish and bread in John 6 just before He Taught about the Eucharist… Its a miracle of faith.


Seriously? Does he doubt God’s omnipotence or something?


“The Eucharist: Sacrifice and Banquet” Dr. Scott Hahn

I would also recommend for him Dr Scott Hahn’s conversion story - Dr. Scott Hahn conversion story to the Catholic Church

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Isn’t it Jesus’ glorified body in the Eucharist? If so, He hadn’t died yet.

It is anything but symbolic tell him to read John 6 Jesus is clearly not speaking symbolically otherwise the disciples wouldn’t have walked away and Jesus wouldn’t have let them walk away misunderstanding something so important. Saint Paul also wouldn’t go so far to say receiving the Eucharist unworthily one would be guilty of profaning the body and blood of Lord. You can’t profane a symbol!

Yup. “Not bound by time” covers that also.


He also showed His glorified body on the mountain!

I don’t get it, if I point at my mom and say she is my mother. If I say 4 more times this is my mother, she gave birth to me, and I say it 4 more times. No one in this world would doubt that the lady that I am pointing at is my mother.

Jesus had just multiplied bread, and he said this bread is me who has come down from Heaven. He said it several times that he is the Bread. Idk why people try to correct God.

Was that before He died?

Yes. It is in Matthew 17

But it does not specifically say ‘glorified’

Its the transfiguration, which showed His glory.


By that logic, how was anyone who died before the crucifixion saved? Or after? If the sacrifice is limited by time, then it can only affect those in that time.

Just as Jesus saved those alive at the moment of crucifixion with his body and blood, so too did he save those who came before and all those who come after.

Hope that helps!

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