Eucharist and Salvation

Hi Everyone,

I’m very zealous after being confirmed this year’s Easter Vigil, and have been receiving Communion nearly every day. You see, corresponding with my beginning to receive Communion, I began having “dreams of salvation.” Usually, dreams with a theological twist to them, sometimes involving Jesus, Who is a bright light that reminds me of what heaven might be like (joy which seems to last a long time, but then, ends within a night). I wonder if any one else has had similar experiences, which they are convinced correlates to the Eucharist?

Also, I want to try my hand at spreading the gospel, I had in mind to take groups of homeless people to a Catholic church which is four blocks away from the shelter, and try to convert at least a few to Catholicism. I think that, to share my newfound hope of salvation that the Eucharist has given me, as in, “Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I could possibly be saved, but then I started taking Communion and started having dreams of being saved!”, would intrigue non-initiates to the extent that they might actually even go throught the nine-month gestation period (RCIA). But would it be inappropriate to bluntly share this with people, that I’m convinced the Eucharist may even save my soul, that it has produced perceptible psychological benefits, and that it might even do the same for them, particularly for those I intend to try to convert (homeless people at a shelter)? Because, I’ve just shared it with you all…

John 6 would confirm that for one to have (eternal) life, one should eat the Living Bread from heaven.

yes, i don’t see anything wrong with sharing this message. just be mindful to be very charitable in your dealings. you will be let down many times by many people, but remain steadfast. and don’t force the faith on someone, but open the door for them and let them walk though on their own.

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