Eucharist and the Holy Spirit


Do you actually feel something when you take the Eucharist? The Holy Spirit?


To be honest? Not normally, no. The greatest amount of feeling I ever experienced was at Easter Vigil when I was received into the Church.


I used to when I was part of the reformed church and had learnt about what the Catholic Church believes and teaches about the Eucharist. I realised my believes were Catholic and every single time I received communion there was a movement, very much like a butterfly, in my tummy and a voice saying softly: “I want to be within you.” It took many years before I was received into the Church.

Somehow I knew during RCIA, that the movement and voice would not be there, when I was finally Catholic. I knew that this was the very gentle way God communicated with me during my protestant days.


No, and one shouldn’t expect to

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