Eucharist and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I’ve noticed a common element to Eucharistic miracles: they are all of heart tissue. I knew this of Lanciano, and when I read a story today of a Eucharistic Miracle that the Holy Father Francis was involved in, the tissue, which was examined by scientists who were given a sample without being told what it was, found it to be heart tissue as well.
Could it be that the Eucharist is the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

No. The Catechism of Trent states, in the section on the Eucharist:

in this Sacrament are contained not only the true body of Christ and all the constituents of a true body, such as bones and sinews, but also Christ whole and entire.

Besides, the Real Presence only continues as long as the accidents of bread remain. I don’t think it continues in miraculous hosts, etc., though of course they would still be worthy of respect and veneration, if no longer the worship of latria.

In miracles like Lanciano, I think God is conveying something for sure, e.g., how much he loves us.

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