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I have, on several occasions, heard Dr. Hahn make reference to the connection of the old covenant thanks offering that will go on into eternity and how it most closely matches the the continuity to the eucharist. Each time he has been talking about another topic so he does not go into a lot of detail on the question. I’m wondering if anyone familiar with his books knows which of his books expounds most on that topic. I’ve read a few of his books and always liked them but I don’t remember encountering a detailed study of this subject before. Is it maybe in one of the Letter & Spirit essays?

He’s speaking of the todah offering. I’ve read about it in a few books (that are currently at home, and I’m at work). I am pretty sure he mentions it in The Lamb’s Supper. It’s a whole chapter (essay) in Catholic For a Reason III. And Card. Ratzinger wrote extensively on it in Feast of Faith.

When I get home, I’ll get page numbers and maybe a couple of excerpts for you.

There was a sacrifice of bread and wine that Ancient Israel also used, the todah. It was called a thanksgiving sacrifice. This is an excerpt from

The todah was one of the most significant sacrifices of the Jews.

Indeed, an old Rabbinic teaching says: “In the coming Messianic age all sacrifices will cease, but the thank offering [todah] will never cease.”(1) What is it about this sacrifice that makes it stand alone in such a way that it would outlast all other sacrifices after the redemption of the Messiah?

A todah sacrifice would be offered by someone whose life had been delivered from great peril, such as disease or the sword. The redeemed person would show his gratitude to God by gathering his closest friends and family for a todah sacrificial meal. The lamb would be sacrificed in the Temple and the bread for the meal would be consecrated the moment the lamb was sacrificed. The bread and meat, along with wine, would constitute the elements of the sacred todah meal, which would be accompanied by prayers and songs of thanksgiving, such as Psalm 116.

It is consistent with what my parochial vicar taught us when I took his bible study courses. I hope this helps.

Catholic for a Reason III has a chapter by Tim Gray titled “The Todah Sacrifice as Backdrop for the Last Supper.”

I also have “The Lamb’s Supper” - I couldn’t find anything about todah in there, but there isn’t an index and I might have missed it.

It’s not given heavy treatment. See pages 30-31, 45, 142-143.

See pages 50-60, although pages 33-78 provide a context to the “toda” concept.

I don’t know if this has the same information but I suspect it does. A book that looks quite interesting and just out recently: The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity by Taylor Marshall (ISBN 057803834X). Any thoughts on that book? I couldn’t find it through the library so I’m going to have to buy it before I try it I guess.

I’ve asked the author about this for you.

(Taylor Marshall has a blog, a web site for his book, and is on Twitter.)

Here are some helpful web pages about the Todah-Eucharist link:

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