Eucharist for Active Homosexuals/Pro-Choice Politicians

I have read many articles (reliable ones, at that) about top notch theologians in the Church hierarchy stating that they believe pro-choice politicians should be given communion, but homosexuals (those that act on their homosexual desires) should not be given communion. If both are grave, mortal sins (which I believe is true), then how can we reconcile pro-choice politicians being given the Eucharist, but homosexuals (as defined above) not?

We can not. This, in my opinion, is heresy. No one who professes teachings against the Catholic Church, especially on a political scale (in hopes of changing laws to go against Church teaching) should be excommunicated until they repent.

We should pray for them. Deuteronomy 23 speaks against these apodictic sins (unquestionably true due to public demonstration). Jesus warns about leading the ‘little ones astray’ and St. Paul spoke under varied situations about how those that caused scandal to others (weaker ones) should be punished or otherwise persuaded against it.

So when we have politicians that claim to represent us and they publicly vote or otherwise endorse sin, paving the way for sin to gather steam and infect folks that may not even be aware of the gravity until later (leading the little ones astray), they should not be “eating and drinking judgement unto himself, not discerning the Body of Christ”. It is not an act of charity to hold a place for them in the communion line, it is cruelty to encourage them to deepen the debt of their own iniquity.

Perhaps they don’t understand the mercy God showed by placing angels to guard the entrance of Eden. Pray…Pray…Pray again.

Those theologians that assert that priests and bishops should not withhold Communion from pro-choice politicians rely on the idea that the person may, in fact, have repented and gone to Confession between his/her abortion promoting actions and presenting him/herself for Communion.

The same can be said for those who have committed homosexual sins - or for that matter anyone who sins gravely and makes it known publicly.

To claim that one group should be denied Communion but not the other is completely inconsistent and unsupportable with Church teaching.

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I used to have to refrain from Communion because I was not in a marriage recognized by the Church (I have since fixed that situation).

There are many sinful situations which effectively self-excommunicate a person. Trial marriage, same-sex marriage, divorce and remarriage without annulment, etc.

While, I personally believe that some dissent Catholic Politicians deserve or should be publicly excommunicated, so far the Church has adopted a position of dialog with them. However, I’m sure that many of them may have actually been told privately by priests that they should self-refrain from communion.

While the situation may be bring scandal, there are lessons from the 1800s in the United States that indicate that things could get much worse if bishops start publicly excommunicating US Politicians. It could actually make it very difficult to elect a Faithful Catholic to office, as Faithful Catholic Politicians would be labeled as Loyal to the Pope before the US Constitution. Practicing Catholics used to be bared from national office because the Pope was/is the leader of a foreign country (which was much larger back then). (In some places in the US, Catholics were even kept from voting.) Since Catholics are outnumbered in the US, I think the US Bishops are trying not to allow a bad situation turn into a dangerous one.

God Bless

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