This link is particularly disgusting:…item=6169851381

Please call the President of Ebay to complain and join in a boycott of ebay until he makes a public apology

Those wishing to contact E-Bay may call:

Mr. William COBB President E-Bay North America 2145 Hamilton Avenue San Jose, CA 95125 Phone: (408) 376-7400 Fax: (408) 369-4855 Office hours: 0600-1400 GMT-0800

One may reach Mr. Cobb directly by selecting the directory function and spelling out the name COBB.

I suggest getting your fellow parishioners to give Mr. Cobb a call. Let’s tell him that we expect his policy to change immediately! Just my opinion.

I will definitely contact eBay, as I have recently over a similar incident.

EBay should be flooded with phone calls from Catholics requesting that they not permit Consecrated Communion Hosts to be put up on for auction!!!

There must be someone in the Church who we could also notify of this abuse, because they also have a way to stop this!!! EBay has a downloadable form to fill out and return by fax whereby an individual or group can claim “intellectual propery rights” over certain items.

Certainly, Consecrated Hosts are the property of the Catholic Church, and as such, it is a violation of Canon Law for them to be in the possession of the non-ordained, non-Catholic, and particularly to be put up for auction to the highest bidder!!!

The question is, who in the Church should be a spokesperson to make such a claim???

Not another thread on this.

Just. Stop. Now.

[quote=Panis Angelicas]I will definitely contact eBay, as I have recently over a similar incident.


Honestly, if God makes that bread become His Flesh, He can turn it back.
I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think E-Bay is getting such bad press, there will not be another.

According to Catholic teaching the Eucharist remains Christ Jesus until it is completely dissolved. :frowning:

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