Eucharist for those who have committed mortal sin

Prior to receiving the Lord as Savior I participated in an abortion, the silent male part (just as guilty, maybe more), and divorded twice. After I received saving grace in a non denominational church I got a vasectomy not fully realizing it was against God’s word. I am also remarried since salvation. I’m now in a CEC church and have not taken part in communion for months due to a deep conviction I am not worthy. Will I ever be able to take part in the Lord’s Body and Blood? Peace

It sounds like you are in a non-Catholic Christian church; which will, of course, have different rules for the reception of its communion than does the Catholic Church. If this is the case, you will need to talk with your pastor about what is needed to again receive communion.

As you are asking this on a Catholic web site, and agree with the Catholic understanding of mortal sin, the sanctity of marriage, and the sanctity of life, perhaps you might continue your study of Catholicism to see if God is calling you to the Catholic Church. If that is the case, and you find yourself wishing to become Catholic, you will need to talk to a Catholic priest about what will be needed to enter the Church.

God forgives all repented sin; the only sin that cannot be forgiven is the unrepented sin. In fact, God forgives us the instant we sincerely repent. For Catholics, the forgiveness is conditional upon going to sacramental confession for mortal sin. For a non-Catholic considering the possibility of Catholicism, it would be conditional upon the willingness to do all that God requires should you discover that he requires more for the forgiveness of mortal sin than private prayer. Should you discover the necessity to become Catholic, you would confess the mortal sins you committed since baptism at your first confession.

Should you decide to become Catholic, your marriage situation would have to be resolved. Your local Catholic church can help guide you through whatever process your personal circumstances require.

If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Catholic Answers directly for assistance. God bless.

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