Eucharist/Mass while on vacation

I am just starting a vacation that includes an Alaskan cruise. The problem is I will be at sea on Sunday. This will be the first time in a while that I have missed mass, and although I know I can’t really do much to control this, I still feel bad. How can I “make up” for this while on my cruise?

Many cruises have a Mass. Check yours out.

Speak to your priest before you leave, you should be able to get a dispensation. Also, you should check the readings so you can read them on Sunday as part of your private devotions. Also check with the cruiseline to see if they have a chaplin or any kind of services offered on board. Probably not Catholic, but it might still be nice to hear a hymn.

It’s a little too late for that now. I’m in a coffee shop right now in Canada. I would suspect they have a little service, but I’ve never been too keen on these “non-denominational” services. I really want the Eucharist, not to be signing with all these people waving their hands in the air.

It may be too late for this… But can you send your pastor an email?

Check with the cruise line. They may have a priest on staff that will be doing masses. The principal of the high school I work at, who is a Jesuit priest, is on staff for two Alaska cruises this summer (sorry, I don’t know which cruise line and cruises).


I’m agreeing with Cobbfmly & the rest of the brothers & sisters here. I’ve never heard of a Cruise Line that didn’t have access to a priest, at least for Sunday Mass. I mean, they have Catholics on the crew who need to attend Mass, and you’re not the only Catholic who’ll be on the cruise.

If the cruise line isn’t having Mass onboard ship on Sunday, find out where the ship will make it’s “Port of Call”. If it’s at a port with a town or a city, use and check English (w/ American Flag) to find the Catholic Churches in that city or town.

If that doesn’t work, see if your pastor can give you a dispensation, or go to confession as soon as you return from your trip.

Your Brother in Christ, Michael

there was a mass held on my cruise, check with them to see if there’s one on yours.

And a really good idea would be to talk to your priest.

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