Eucharist question - Not really a spillage, but possibly... confession??

Once somebody asked in the ask-an-apologist section about what to do if they spilled the Holy Blood on their clothes, how to wash them. I think the reply was to soak it first and pour that water into the earth…
Now, what if it is not quite a spillage of the Blood, but let’s say I had just had the Eucharist and then a little later, when I may still have some on my lips, wiped my mouth with my T-Shirt :blush: or something like that?
Is that being too scrupulous, or is that a valid concern?
I don’t remember exactly what it was but last Sunday, I remember, I was in the bathroom after having received communion and somehow I felt a tiny part of the Eucharist might have come on my T-Shirt by something like that. Wasn’t sure though.
Just to be sure, I told myself, I should soak that part of the T-Shirt before I wash it and pour the water in the earth somewhere… Later in the week though I forgot and just put the T-Shirt with my regular laundry.
Would you mention this in confession now? Or would that be way too scrupulous? shrug:


I wouldn’t worry about it. And *do *not think there is any need to go to confession about it.

I’ll probably go to confession anyway tomorrow before mass, I just wasn’t sure if I should mention this. probably not, huh?

It is my understanding that a fragment or spot must be recognizable as bread or wine to be the Eucharist. I don’t have a source at hand, but it is what I have always taught in several years of CCD and RCIA. I have never encountered a teaching which says otherwise.

God only asks us to be reasonable in these things.

No, of course not. Sin is intentional, an act of the will. You did not intentionally do anything wrong.


God will surely bless you for your concern. If this bothers you, it is fine to mention it to a priest either in or out of the confessional, but as was said, it is definitely not a sin.

If you ever feel there is a particle of the host anywhere on you, just lick your finger, so the particle will stick to it, pick it up, and then lick your finger again to consume it. I have consumed hosts that fell on the floor, but if you don’t feel you can do that, just give it to a priest.


When I was an Episcopalian, someone spilled the chalice on his tie. A lady from the altar guild came up with a pair of scissors and SNIP!

She burned it in the sacristy.

WOW! Good thing he didnt spill it on his hand

I’ve never seen burning as the proper manner to treat a spill. I have always heard–Consume, ablution cup, rince in the sequarium, or rince in a pot and pour the rince water in the ground.

Burning is for palm or other sacramentals.


Burning is not the proper way to dispose of The Body of Christ or His Precious Blood.

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