Eucharist use

If a priest realizes he is running out of hosts , should he go to the tabernacle for more hosts or divide the ones he has left that were consecrated at the same Mass ?

The times when I have seen this happen, the priest will divide the hosts in the ciborium. However, if necessary, they can get more consecrated hosts from the tabernacle, in my parish, it seems like the celebrant removes all previously consecrated hosts from the tabernacle for Communion and puts back any leftover.

At most Sunday masses I’ve been to the priest brings out hosts from the tabernacle and the are distributed along with those that were consecrated at that mass.

The one time where I did see the priest run out of hosts he gathered all he could from the other lines that were going when they were finished. When he ran out of those he started to break them in half and then quarters. Even then there were some that weren’t able to receive either the body or blood as they had run out of both. I think the priest was expecting a normal sized crowd but more than expected came and he failed to properly estimate what was in the tabernacle and how much he’d consecrated.

At the end of mass he explained that if you hadn’t had a chance to receive their Sunday obligation was still fulfilled and they didn’t have to come back the next morning or go to another mass. But, he made sure to tell them they were welcome back at another mass that weekend.


What an awesome priest :thumbsup:

In what way?

I’d say because he knew his stuff and took the opportunity to catechize the people, lest they think they had somehow failed to meet an obligation.

I hope he also catechized them to understand they have no obligation to receive communion at any Mass

yes the reserved hosts should be used, even if some of the hosts distributed are those consecrated at that Mass so they do not become stale

What you don’t do is you don’t take out a bunch of flat gluten bread from your plastic bag/box and distribute those. I have heard that some altar boys :newidea: in a church tried to do that when they haven’t got enough hosts:eek: , and of course, luckily stopped by the priest. :coolinoff:

The reason is, they are bread, not the eucharist.

Now the only solution when there isn’t actually enough hosts (even emptied out the tabernacle) is to have the lector kindly ask the remaining faithful to go back to their seats. They may feel bad (and I agree that consuming the host is a good practice), the church only stated that each of us should recieve at least once a year. And the mass is valid even if you haven’t have communion.

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