Eucharist words

Would somebody please point me in the direction of where I can get a copy of what is said by the parishioners during the Eucharist?

I’ve been going to daily mass for almost two weeks and whilst it’s my favorite part of the Mass I am struggling to know what to say and when at that point. Thanks.

There are multiple options, but I’d recommend an app for your phone (if that’s an option for you): Universalis. It has a small fee, but it will give you each day’s Mass in full (and in order, which is not typical of any other app — or printed resource, for that matter) as well as many other resources. If you don’t want to use electronics during Mass, you have the option to print.


Lovely, thanks I’ll check the app out.:slightly_smiling_face:

Most parishes have missalettes available for use during Mass. Check with an usher.

Print options range from response cards that just have the essentials, to disposable missalette subscriptions, to a durable hand missal that will last for as long as they don’t change the English translation.

Most of our area parishes don’t as a regular thing (a few might show up on occasion), and so a person is left finding Mass parts in the hymnal. That can be “clunky” if the publisher didn’t put them inside the front cover. Also, during the COVID precautions, our parishes have been directed to remove all books and printed materials unless they are to be kept by the individual user.

Another electronic option is iBreviary. It’s free; and when people donate to them, it supports the presence of Christians in the Holy Land (a shrinking population).

A good print option (that requires a paid subscription) is Magnificat. It’s a small format that fits easily into a purse.

Happy reading,
Deacon Christopher

NB - all this info is accurate for the USA; there may be additional options if you reside in the UK, Canada, or another British territory. (Noticed your “whilst.”)


I have iBreviary, too. I actually have a dozen or so apps that are probably 90% repetitive, but after resisting for years, I finally paid for the lifetime license for Universalis because of the options they offer and that everything is presented in order, no “page flipping” to various sections. That’s true of iBreviary also for the Hours, but not for Mass, as I recall.

Edit to add: looks like my comments are repetitive, too! I’ve made similar posts elsewhere and forgot where I shared what! :joy: Appropriate faux pas for my cake day, I suppose! :crazy_face: Now to find the apps for the senility-challenged.

There is a four page PDF version at

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