Ok, so at Mass today, I went up and received the Eucharist and stepped off to the side. Before I put the Eucharist in my mouth, I kissed Him!

Was this wrong?

Highly unusual to say the least.

I would kinda say what’s the point - you’re about to unite with Him in a much more intimate and complete way than a mere kiss!

But on second thoughts many people do things like make the Sign of the Cross or whatnot. As long as you do consume the Host, and in view of whoever ministered it to you, I don’t see a real problem.

Funny you mention this. When I receive in the hand, I often kiss the palm of my hand after consuming the host. I do this in part to ensure that no particles of the host remain on my hand, but also as a sign of love for the Eucharist.

One of our priests kisses the host before receiving.

Christ said “EAT my body” - not “KISS my body”.

You should consume the Body of Christ immediately. Doing anything else risks the possibility of dropping the Holy Eucharist.

Yet another reason why communion in the hand should not be allowed.


EDIT: And there are plenty of things priests do - that does not mean it is ok for us to do it too. Not saying it’s appropriate or inappropriate for the priest to kiss the Eucharist, just saying that using a priest as an example for how lay people should behave is not a fair comparison.


Well, He also didn’t say ‘stick my body in a glass display case (aka a monstrance) and put it in a highly accessible and visible place so that people can come and worship it (aka Eucharistic adoration)’ did He?

Or ‘pick up the monstrance containing My body and bless the gathered people with it (aka Benediction)’ or ‘process My body around the streets of your towns’ (aka Eucharistic processions).

All of these offer any number of additional opportunities for the Host to be dropped or otherwise mishandled.

Only a priest has authority to do these things. People in the pews have no authority to do anything but immediately consume it.

I think I feel like hugging on Jesus this weekend is that ok? What about licking Jesus or smelling him is that ok to?:rolleyes: Stop with all of the inventions, its getting old.

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