Eucharist ??

My sister in laws husband left her and she thinks she cant take communion

She isn’t in a state of mortal sin, it’s it church teaching that she can recieve the Eucharist ??

Does anyone have any documentation I would like to show her this god bless

Approach a priest and ask this question. We should let documentation or whatever replace our clergy.

seperation of spouses is not barrier at all to communion

She will not go to mass but is going to a “non denominational”
Church that teaches the heresy of once saved always saved currently

encourage her to go back to Mass!

How ever she can not receive if she has had communion in this other group without reciving the sacrement of reconcillation.

Well she won’t be able to get married again unless she gets an annulment, but I don’t see what mortal sin she is committing. Besides, it was the husband that left her.

They don’t have communion at this heretical group

They have lattes and loud music and repeat John 3:16


If they have lattaes and believe in OSAS then could it be called a church of the lattae day saints? LOL

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