Dumb Question Alert: I take Holy Communion in the hand, put it into my mouth and chew it. I used to not chew and let it dissolve, but it would get stuck in the roof of my mouth.
When I chew it, though, tiny particles get stuck in my teeth. If one accidentally flys out of my mouth, is that a sin?

I don’t know if that would be considered a sin, but we must try our best to prevent incidents as you describe above from happening.
You could try receiving Holy Communion under both species, perhaps the Precious Blood could help to dissolve The Body so that it doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth, conversely you could speak to your priest and ask to be permitted to bring a bottle of water to Mass, to help with this problem.

Hope this helps:thumbsup:

Sins are not committed “by accident.”

This — and, if the particle is stuck between your teeth, is it even large enough to still resemble bread? If the particle isn’t recognizable, it’s no longer Eucharist. (Not that you should be cavalier about it; you just needn’t worry.)

It is not a sin.

I agree that it is rather ‘dumb’, but take heart this kind of thing does happen. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

The obvious is not to open the mouth until all the Body is swallowed or dissolved. If it tends to get stuck between the teeth, maybe just let it dissolve in the roof your mouth and allow your tongue to roll over the soft pieces to swallow them.

No asking permission needed, surely?

You CANNOT commit a sin by accident. All sins are deliberate acts.

Might I suggest you drink a cup of water before Mass? This lessens the sticking problem.

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