I know about substance and accidents but when transubstantiation occurs, is it fair to say that God makes Jesus invisible in the Host?

Accidents are what are perceptible to our senses. The only accidents we see in the Eucharist are the accidents of bread and wine. So yes, I suppose you might say that Jesus is completely there but not visible because we do not perceive his accidents, but those of bread and wine. It is somewhat more than being invisible because he is completely there even under a particle of the host or a drop from the chalice.

Yes, we do not sensibly see Jesus in the host. Substance uneffected by accidents is invisible and imperceptible to sense perception. The accidents are what is perceptible to the senses. Jesus is in the host in the manner of substance. The accidents of Jesus’ body is in the host too, for the entire body of Christ is present indeed the entire Christ, but they are present after the manner of substance and not in their normal manner of being sensibly observed.

So then Jesus is or is not invisible in the Eucharist?:confused:

Richca answered it. He is invisible because we can’t perceive his accidents.

Jesus is invisible in the eucharist, we do not sensibly see him correct? We only sensibly see the accidents of the bread and wine after the consecration.

Faith, did you receive Eucharist today?
Did you physically see Jesus?
No. We don’t need to see Him because we KNOW He is present and we believe.
He Himself told us so.
You received Him, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.
Be at peace.
Happy Pentecost!

Jesus looks like bread and wine.

Thanks to you and Richca.:thumbsup:

But He, Himself, is invisible…

A human is a soul (invisible) and a body (visible) and the divine person is invisible. So the only visible element of what is created is the body. So you are saying that the species that you see are not his body. Do you not believe the there is in the Eucharist the body, blood, soul, and divinity?

I’m saying Jesus’ body is invisible in the Eucharist. No?

Essence: what it is.
Accidents: appearance.

Yes I know that, so what I’m saying is the accidents of Jesus are invisible. Or not?

I think we concluded before that you and I have a different way of understanding it. I am simple. For example, if there is an angel and it appears differently in two different apparitions to me, I still see the same angel because it truly is that angel. Now, I receive the glorified body/blood of Christ with soul and divinity entire, in the Eucharist, regardless of how that appears to my senses, so I really see the Christ. (The appearance is a miracle.)

Anybody else want to answer my question? JimG and Richca said the opposite.

Using St. Thomas Aquinas, the human rational soul and the body are incomplete substances, so must be together. to be complete. For Jesus to be complete in the Eucharist then, the human rational soul and the body must be together. But we already know this because we profess the complete Christ in the Eucharist. The Son of God is present multi-location.

What does your last sentence mean? Multi-location?

You have posted some variation of this question about a hundred and fifty times now. Stop. Please just stop!

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