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I am blessed to work very close to a parish that has a perpetual adoration chapel. I have come to enjoy spending 10 or 15 minutes of my lunch hour there. I also have a job that allows me to wear shorts in the summer time. Would it be inappropriate for me to wear shorts to the chapel?


Appropriate attire for church (regardless of the reason you are there) is governed by two rules above all - modesty and respect for Whom you are seeing.

Just how short and tight are these shorts? Are they stained or ripped? Do they have something offensive printed across the backside (that really cheeses me off). Don’t forget to think about your shirt also - how much skin does it show? Does it display images or words that are inappropriate for the House of God?

Let commonsense be your guide.


I always just wear a modest t-shirt (or sweater or sweatshirt depending on the season) and blue jeans. :slight_smile:


I think shorts are OK as long as they are not short shorts or ripped or skin tight. I’ve seen people in church with dressy shorts.


The chapel I frequent has a sign on the door that requests “modest dress” and specifies “no shorts”. It also requests no food or drinks…


I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. If there are local guidelines, stick with them.

I’ve stopped by to visit with Our Lord while biking, wearing shorts and a little sweaty. I think that it is more important why you are there, than what you wear. As long as you are respectful and modest than you should be alright.



You might like to get a wrap-around skirt or one with an elastic waste to keep on hand to quickly slip on before heading to Adoration.


I hope that more and more parishes will get back to this. When I was growing up… the Pastor of our parish (in California) used to lecture us from the pulpit about this. He wasn’t afraid to tell everyone… that modest attire before the Lord was a GOOD thing.

He also made sure that the kids in the school, were instructed by the teachers in modest attire. It was mandatory. :thumbsup:

(p.s. I’m still struggling with the way some of our Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist “attire” themselves, to assist at MASS. Many Sundays, you could pick me out of the crowd by my expression at Holy Communion time… :bigyikes: ).

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