Eucharistic adoration is giving me a much needed boost


Recently, just a couple of weeks back, I was about to give up on the Catholic Church, and start going to an Orthodox Church. We were getting ready to celebrate the Right of Acceptance at our perish on Sunday, November 16, and I came fairly close to not going, and dropping out of RCIA, because I was having some serious doubts. However, I decided to go to the right, and after the 11:00 Mass, I went into adoration before the exposed Blessed Sacrament for the first time, which I was planning on doing anyway. The experiences that I’ve had there since then, and at that Sunday’s Mass, have given me a renewed fire for the Church, and I’ve decided not to give up. I no longer have the desire to look into the Orthodox Church, and I have a zeal for the Blessed Sacrament that I’ve never had before. Thanks be to the Lord Jesus Christ! Also, thanks to everyone who has prayed for me here on these forums!


Praise God! :extrahappy:

Thank you for sharing this, Josh. You have made an IMPORTANT discovery… the Real Presence of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May He continue to bless you and walk with you.



There have even been a couple times when I longed to go to adoration, but since I’m totally blind, I couldn’t get a ride. I’m very thankful to God that I sometimes have that longing.


As the deer longs for living water…

You have been blessed indeed!

I have read a fair few of forum members’ journeys into faith and and each time it always brings me almost to tears. The wonder is palpable in all these stories.

Please remember in your prayers those who to this day remain in the darkness of agnosticism and atheism. That like you, they may see the Light of Christ in the bosom of His Church.


Speaking of Agnosticism, I recently went through a period that lasted over six years, where I was what I call an agnostic Christian. I still wanted to believe, but I had some very serious doubts. Throughout that whole period, I said the Lord’s Prayer most mornings when I woke up, but I felt like I was just going through the motions. Thanks be to God, for Marian apparitions like Fatima and Lourdes, and even one that has not yet been approved by the Church, that helped me to come back to the faith! If it weren’t for Fatima, I may have never considered Eucharistic adoration in the first place.


I am so happy that our Blessed Mother has guided you into the Church. Many in this forum have told of similar experiences.

But do not underestimate your praying the Lord’s Prayer in the morning. Sometimes God gives us consolations through prayer so we truly feel our prayer but it doesn’t matter how dry it is, it is still prayer and so connects us to God and His abundant grace.


A piece of factory made, highly processed bread is suddenly divine :rolleyes:

And sleeping in front of this supposedly endows people. I should try it, I wonder if multi-grain works.


Why are you so evil?


If you want to bash Eucharistic adoration, this certainly isn’t the place to do it.

Back on topic, in adition to the things I’ve already mensioned, I went and prayed before the Blessed Sacrament this past Tuesday just before RCIA, and I was suffering from what was apparently either a blatter, or eurinary tract infection. I prayed for healing, because I would have had to have had my 75-year-old grandmother take me to the doctor, because there was nobody else available to take me accept for the sometimes unreliable paratransit service. I also asked the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for me. The next morning, I woke up, and apparently, the infection had cleared up, and I hadn’t even taken any antibiotics for it. This morning, I called and canceled my appointment with the doctor. I’ve been reluctant to post this here until now, because I wanted to make sure that the infection wouldn’t come back. This just shows how powerful prayer before the Blessed Sacrament can be! Praise God!


Indeed! We keep looking for miracles everywhere and yet here is Christ himself and all we have to do is go to Him.

Christ and our Mother is surely tending to you in a very special way right now.

Praised be to God.


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