Eucharistic Adoration: Is this okay?

So I have been trying to get to Eucharistic Adoration on a weekly basis more now. Anyways, when I am in Adoration I pray, and observe, listen, and take in Christ’s presence. Afterwards I like to talk with Jesus about things I like. Three guesses what that is see sig. :smiley: Anyways. I usually talk to Jesus like a friend who is interested in Transformers, Spider-Man, my thesis work, and the like. When I do this sometimes I talk about why I am thankful for the toy, what’s cool about it, and kinda geek out a little bit about the toy, my thesis, or etc. Is this okay? Is it wrong? I want to stress I do not do this in an irreverent manner or a blasphemous manner. I do this simply to share my joy, happiness, and blessings with Jesus along with my praise to Him. Thank you for your help.

No! that’s awsome! You’re having a REAL relationship with Him…He wants to hear about those things because they matter to you. He wants to be a part of your ENTIRE life. Keep going!

whatever ever you talk about is ok

the point is you are talking :thumbsup:

God loves that you want to be with Him, and share with Him! You are building a great relationship which will get you through the hard times, and help you see, and embrace the good! :thumbsup:

Not only ok, but absolutely awesome!

lol transformers!! Wooot!

St. Therese said approach Our Lord like a little child… :wink:

Just remember to stop occasionally and let Him speak to you :slight_smile:

I pray my children, some are young adults so I guess they aren’t really children anymore, are as close to Jesus as you are!!! How refreshing to hear someone talking to Jesus as a friend and companion instead if constantly asking for things. And yes, it is good to lay out your needs, desires and wishes as well; however, all too often people forget to say thank you. Even if you are yelling at Him because you are angry, at least you aren’t ignoring Him or forgetting He is there. Jesus says to let the children come to Him. I’m not sure He was speaking about the age of a person as much a He was the state of their soul.

I often tell Jesus jokes, especially about my kids. I can’t imagine that He doesn’t have a sense of humor and enjoy laughing with me over the joys of life. :wink:

I do and I must say I can definitely here him talk back about what should be good for my thesis, a cool modification to a transformer I have, or just, “Have you tried this when your OCD flares up”

That is GREAT that you attend adoration and it is awesome that you thank you God for what he has giveen you.

Because of the great economy. be happy to thank GOD FOR ALL HE HAS GIVEN YOU.


Yes, Transformers. I keep it varied though. Spidey, Star Trek, Stargate, and right now I’m really amazed at His boundless mercy. I have always been amazed but now with Obama reelected and more homosexual approval I am just amazed how He can still call us to Him and love us as He does.

Our purpose for AdoraTION IS RESPECT to the Blessed Sacrament and to see God.

I do not hink He would appreciate talking about your toys? Why would you do this whenn you can talk to your friends about this?

You should put youself in God’s presence and it is not necessary to tal about anything because God can read our mines, so you can justt sit their and be silent for an hal an hour and you will gain a pleanary insdulgence.

God loves you

Talking to Jesus as a friend is the utmost respectful thing you can do. He deserves the companionship.

If we had it in my parish I be there I will have to talk to my parish priest about it

Should I not consider Jesus a friend too? He blessed me with my intelligence, my toys, my parents, and etc. Why not share that part of my life with him too?
I know it is not necessary to talk, and I make it a point to listen to Christ and take in, as much as humanly possible, His Presence and Grace.

Personal opinion. Go for it.

Both inside and outside adoration, my prayers consist of the serious and the not so serious. Things like for me, sport, friends etc are things that Jesus likes to hear about. Yes, he knows everything about them already, but I reckon he appreciates hearing them from me.

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