Eucharistic Adoration: Thought for the day


“Of all devotions, that of adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the greatest after the Sacraments, the one dearest to God and the one most helpful to us.”

(St. Alphonsus Liguori)



According with God’s Holy Will, miracles are granted there. Healing occurs. Enlightenment is received. Consolation provides the peace which surpasses all understanding.



It’s important to remember that Adoration of the Eucharist in the tabernacle is the normal and most common mode of adoration .

In my younger days we had “partial exposition” of the Eucharist . As far as I can remember it involved the tabernacle door being opened , and then a ciborium containing the Eucharist was placed on the altar .

Then there is adoration using the monstrance . This we had during Benediction on Sunday and Thursday evenings , during a Holy Hour , which was not very often , and during the yearly Quarant Ore .

I have misgivings about regular adoration using the monstrance . It can have the side-effect of leaving people to neglect the presence of the Eucharist in the tabernacle with the result of disrespect towards the Eucharist present in the tabernacle . I have seen this in my own parish .

Work has been carried out in our church over the last months and Adoration with the monstrance before weekday Masses has been cancelled . It returned on Monday . An hour before Mass the Eucharist was exposed in the monstrance . There was silence . Fifteen minutes before Mass there is the reposition , and then one or two begin with their chit-chat .

We need to return to the practice of reverencing Jesus present at all times in the Eucharist , whether in tabernacle , ciborium or monstrance . He is not more present in one as opposed to the other .




During the first apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, the children found themselves “moved by an interior impulse,” as Lucia later explained, to say the following prayer together:

Most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! My God, my God, I love Thee in the Most Blessed Sacrament.



It is a beautiful time to spend in the presence of our Blessed Lord…we have perpetual adoration 24/7 in our church chapel…my wife and myself spend the hour 7-8 Thurs evening in his presence…I have heard a few instance from our priest of a few unexplained occurrences that have happened to some adorers…one adorer in the early hours one morning heard beautiful voices singing that filled the chapel…



We also have a perpetual adoration chapel. One day of the week they bring the monstrance to the main church where folks are more likely to just stop in. We also have benediction that day, confession and two daily Masses, one in the morning, another in the evening. I have a regular hour every week and I look forward to that hour.

Since I work for the parish I can go to the Blessed Sacrament at any time, that hour is different.



One of the stranger practices of the Catholic Church to the sensibilities of this Anglican.

But, as I have consistently found with the Catholic doctrines and practices that I find strange, I can’t actually find an argument against it. It makes sense.



Our church as it with the monstrance one day a month, near the beginning of the month. I do an hour or more each time. I wish we had it more often, like once a week or so.



I love adoration. I go to the chapel at my college multiple times a day to pray and be in the Presence. We have Eucharistic Adoration once a week for an hour and a half. I usually lay prostrate in front of the monstrance while listening to church hymns for an hour. It’s very peaceful and I really feel the mercy of Jesus pouring over me



It is indeed strange, in a manner of speaking. Just as strange, I suppose, as the doctrine of transubstantiation. I encourage you to stop by for 5 minutes or more, HopkinsReb, just to check it out. You might get a special grace there (of some kind), who knows.

The Eucharist is probably the greatest mystery of any in the Catholic Church. And there are many!



“IF” it is the True Presence of Christ, then worship is right and just, correct? I am sad to say that much of modernist Christianity has drained the richness out of the faith. I have personally experienced miracles in the presence of Christ. Thus, I need no further convincing.



Yep. Makes perfect sense. Most of modern Christianity lacks the sacramental understanding of the faith that Catholicism has maintained, and I agree with the Catholic view of the Eucharist.



Good! Therefore, instead of looking left and right and seeing only detestable sinners (the same thing they see), look to the perfection of God and the fullness of the faith. Are you inquiring?



Who said anything about looking left and right and seeing only detestable sinners? I’m about as pro-Catholic as a non-Catholic can be!

I’m thinking hard about converting. Not leaping into the Tiber, but perhaps wading a little.



I mention it only because of the current scandal being a major distraction - but good on you for seeking despite the rather awful state of the Western Church. Also because I know a man who was in formation for the Anglican ministry, but was disheartened by the horrid behavior of those around him. He took his eyes off the Lord as Peter did, and also sank.



From the Eucharist comes strength to live the Christian life and zeal to share that life with others.

-St. John Paul II



Find me a church without sinners and I’ll convert to that one. Until then, I’m an Anglican or a Catholic!



I’ve heard this logic applied to people who struggle with habitual sins by multiple Priests, the Eucharist is one of the greatest things that can help because of the graces



Archbishop Fulton Sheen famously said “If you find the perfect church, do not join it, because YOU will ruin it.”



Funny enough Jesus said this, what a coincidence!!

”And when Jesus heard it, he said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” - Mark 2:17


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