Eucharistic Adoration: Thought for the day


That reminds me @JamalChristophr , of a day of prayer in Manchester led by Fr Bob Faricy SJ and Sister Lucy Rooney .

When Fr Faricy had placed the Eucharist in the monstrance and onto the altar , Sr Rooney suggested that we imagine a block of uranium on the altar and the radioactive energy which would be radiating on us .


Are you talking about the sexual abuse? If so, the “state of the Western Church” is far better now than it was decades ago when the abuse and priest-shuffling was quietly taking place.

The media will continue their diligent work to have you believe the church is still chock full of evil, but I believe we’re now in the process of deep-cleaning and the church is better now than it’s ever been. Is your own parish church in an “awful state”? Mine is not; it’s thriving and full of incredible hard-working people (who are also common sinners like I am).






My idea of an exciting Saturday. Go to mass take communion then enter the adoration chapel, journal, pray my rosary and just be with him into the evening hours. I love it!!!




I was in a pub with Peter and Harry having a pint of Guinness , and it’s a good few years back .

The conversation got round to Eucharistic Adoration . I don’t think Peter was too keen , and when I asked Harry what he thought he replied : " It’s the sunshine of my life ."

A few years later I was on holiday with Harry on the Isle of Menorca . We were staying near its ancient capital Ciutadella . Each morning we went to Mass in the cathedral in Ciutadella , and would then walk along its quaint , narrow , winding streets . One morning we came upon a church , opened the door and as we entered Harry said , " Yes ! Exposition ! ""





Ohhhhh, that’s an awesome description! I really look forward to going to Adoration each week, and now I’ll remember your post and think of it as a dose of sunshine for my life and soul. A dose of vitamin J! :blush:





I did the math a little further; 2-1/4 years of 24/7 adoration. No wonder that man was able to preach the way he did. What a blessing he was/is to the world.


If anyone would like even more encouragement to do Adoration, I strongly suggest reading the book In Sinu Jesu (available on amazon). Wow! It is really incredible in terms of showing how we can repair huge sins by our Adoration (sins of the priesthood, against the most vulnerable–ie abortion, and against the Holy Eucharist). Along with the Rosary, I’m convinced it is extremely powerful in ways we will only know fully in heaven.






Just for giggles I thought I would check how many parishes in western Oregon have Adoration. Out of 124 parishes, 86 have Adoration, and of those 11 are Perpetual Adoration.

Given that Oregon is considered the most unchurched state in the Union, we need it.

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