Eucharistic Adoration via webcam

I’ve found a few live Eucharistic Adorations online via webcam but is ‘remote Adoration’ valid?:signofcross:

I was told by a priest that it wasn’t the same as being there physically. I then thought that we were limiting God by that. In my opinion I see only 1 difference. Physically you are there and when people walk by or see you there it shows them the devotion and fellowship. On the webcam you don’t get that unless you are sharing it with a friend or group. As for the graces, how can we limit God?

Can you post the links to the webcam adoration chapels you have?

You could pray mentally/verbally, mediate, and contemplate anywhere at any time. If having a webcam image of Our Lord to stare at in helping you do so, it is perfectly valid. And prayer is always meritorious.

Having said that, watching Mass on TV does not fulfill one’s Sunday obligation. One cannot be absolved on sins in the sacrament of Penance via Skype. And I cannot see that remote control adoration would gain any additional blessings than simply praying at home.

If you want to go to adoration…go to adoration. Physical presence matters. If you want to pray at home, pray.

I have always found it spiritually beneficial! :slight_smile:

Of course “remote Adoration” is valid , just as prayer before a crucufix is valid , but it is not Eucharistic Adoration , for that you need to be in His Eucharistic Presence .

I’d invite you to attend an adoration chapel at 3.00am and compare that experience to a webcam feed. see if you can tell the difference.

If by valid, you mean does it comply with any special graces/indulgences which the Church may grant, my understanding is that it is the same as watching Mass on t.v. - the answer is “no”.

Other than that, I am not sure as to “validity”. It is neither invalid nor illicit to watch a webcam of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. But just as Mass requires physical presence, I would suspect that if there were indulgences/special graces granted by adoration, it would require physical presence.

Note: somewhat of a special question; not even sure where the answer would be - possibly in Canon law, possibly elsewhere. And most of us are not Canon lawyers.:shrug:

To Michaelmas - the best link is because you can actually see the time ticking by so you know it’s ‘live’.

To everyone else - by ‘valid’ yes, I meant can one obtain the same graces as being there in person; I would like to do Adoration every day but when I’m working I can only get there at the weekend.

Happy Pentecost to one and all

I’ve been using St.Mary’s website for online adoration…personally, I think it is exactly the same as being in His True Presence…just like being there with Him at real adoration…Jesus himself tells the woman at the well that God isn’t limited to being worshipped at any particular place but is worshipped in Spirit and Truth. I think the key is…you have to have faith in God and Trust Him that he can use an online connection to Him to work the same wonders He does for those physically present at a chapel/church. Physical proximity does not equate to spiritual proximity and vice versa…Jesus himself tells us in the gospel to close the door and pray in secret and that the Father sees this and is well pleased!!! Online Eucharistic adoration is as valid as going to see Him physically because in a sense you are using your physical body to see a live feed of Him in the Blessed Sacrament. We can even feel a sense of closeness to the people we see online in the chapel and I pray for them and I take it on faith that they unite their prayers to mine at the same time…

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