Eucharistic Adoration


This past weekend was the Men’s Christ Renews his Parish weekend at a neighboring (and former twinned) parish. We have a room that is turned into a chapel and the mostrom with host is present (the body). All weekend women from the women’s team are praying the chapel (some past men women attendees and team members too). On Saturday night we have a Eucharist Service in the Chapel. That night. upon approaching the chapel I became cold and goosebumps on my arms. I used the Holy water and did the sign of the cross. When I entered I felt the presence so much I asked if I could receive on the kneeler that was in the room. Also as I prayed I kept feeling like there was blood on my forehead. It was a powerful experience. The next morning same thing happened with the coldness, goosbumps and the holy water (we had a prayer service before breakfast).As I was praying I kept thinking that I was receiving the body of Chirst but there was no host and yet I still tasted bread. I increasingly kept getting warmer and burning up as the prayer service ended and walked out of the chapel in complete undescribable feelings as I know the Holy Spirit was present. Based on this experience I still feel get closer to God and do adoration more often. I never had any experiences like this before or anything like that. Have any of you had similar experiences? I just thought I had to share my experience with everybody.


Wow, that is amazing. I’m very happy for you that you’ve had that sort of feeling of closeness to our Lord. I have never had any experiences like that during adoration but certainly believe that there is nothing more powerful on this earth than the real presence of Jesus.

When I am changed by adoration, it’s most often by instilling in me a sense of calm and peace vs any of the more “physical sensations” that you described. I know this term is kind of an oxymoron; I’m trying to use it to describe something much more inward and abstract than your experiences.


Thanks. Usually I get the more abstract and inward feeling. Just this weekend was different. I can’t say that it will or will not happen again, I guess it was no better time that when it did happen. I hope that one day, that you may experience what I did this past weekend.


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