Eucharistic Adoration


Hi, I was wondering for those who attend Eucharistic Adoration, what do you do in order to hear Our Lord, beside being quiet mentally?


great question sir …

I attend adoration once a week or so, and when I go I need to spend alittle bit over an hour for me to really hear from the Lord deeply.

The first thing I do is bow before the Lord in the Sacrament and Cross myself . Then I grab two books, The Bible and the Diary of Faustina for reading alittle later.

I look at our Lord in the Eucharist and I begin by simply praising him. I usually say , you are beauty, you are truth, you are holiness, you are mercy, you are all I need, you are my true bread, my true drink without you im nothing . I praise him for all that he’s giving me , all that he’s done for me. I tell him I love him, I ask for more love, for more mercy, I tell him I trust in his love. I ask for more faith. I review my conscience, I ask for mercy for my sins, then I go into thanksgiving. I then make some requests known to him.

ACTS ADORE CONFESS THANKS SUPPLICATION. This worshiping and praying takes about 15 minutes… Then I begin to read, I simply open the bible or faustina’s diary and ponder what it says. I enjoy reading the diary of faustina as a mediation on the Lord’s love and mercy. I will ponder a passage for 5 minutes or so, then look upon our lord and give him thanks for his love again, I ask for insight into his truths. Then I open something in the bible and do the same, this goes on for about 30 minutes or so.

Then I will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for about ten minutes , this really helps me understand and sense the Lords Mercy. I then look upon a crucifex and think about the Lords passion for a time. Then go back to the Lord in the eucharist telling him I love him. By this time its over an Hour since ive been there and I began to really feel the Lord making impressions on my heart. Subtle Impressions about his Love, or about what I need to do in my life, or who I should pray for.

When I leave adoration I feel very close to God usually and sense his presence alot more deeply.

I need to go more. You will find once you start going, you will Get more of a hungar to Go again, when you feel that hungar just Go, there is so much grace there for you.

One time feeling very inspired in Adoration i turned to adorer next to me and said, We can change the world from this little chapel. I really believe going adoration is one of the greatest things you can do.

God bless you


I start off by asking God to let me focus and avoid distractions while I am there; to be open to what He may have to tell me. Then I will also pray with the ACTS formula.

Sometimes I go with the specific purpose of doing an examination on conscience in His presesnce, so then I will turn my attention to that. I usually bring along my journal, but I don’t make the notes from that in my journal, since I wouldn’t want someone finding my “list” right there in black and white. I will usually bring along a few post-it notes and use those (writing really, really little) for my “list”.

Sometimes I just come to say “hi”. I may read through Evening Prayer. I might read the Mass readings for that day or the next. I might write in my journal. I might just sit. Sometimes I can hear what God has to say. Sometimes not. Sometimes after I leave, I hear something.

Adoration is awesome. Those peaceful minutes fly by so quickly. Enjoy.


Hi there,

Adoration is awesome. I love the fact how all of the troubles, frustrations, and bad things of your life leave when you enter into the Chapel. It’s like, for an hour or so, it’s you and God. Nothing else really matters for that period of time.

If you want to hear God’s voice, Just simply ask Him to open your heart to His word. You can meditate on Scripture, the Blessed Mother’s Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy…whatever. Anything you do will bring you closer to Him.

I must say, don’t look for the Lord to talk to you. Talk to Him, and He’ll talk back. It might not be in adoration, but God takes care of His children. If you are having a tough time, God will make it ok. You have to trust in that.

Just a little bit of advice there.



I wouldn’t recommend sitting “quiet mentally” - this sounds a lot like quietism, which is actually a heresy. Quietism seeks to eliminate all thoughts in order to annihilate the self thus attempting to achieve union with God. I, of course, am not accusing you of quietism, but am only advising that you watch out lest you become susceptible to its wares!

Thoughts are integral to listening and hearing Our Lord. This doesn’t mean that you should actively think about what you’re going to have for dinner, or what Dylan might actually be trying to say in the lyrics of “All Along the Watchtower,” or even what it would have been like to been a 1st century Jew. Rather, just sit quietly, almost passively, allowing various thoughts to come and go as they please, and at certain points I believe you’ll be able to discern the voice of Our Lord through his Spirit.


Try practicing Lectio Divina while in adoration.


I usually spend Eucharistic adoration time by praying. :slight_smile:


I will do several things from reading from Divine Intimacy or the Divine Office to saying the Rosary, giving thanks, devotion, reparation petition and love to just being still and quiet.


Sunday at my parish we had a couple of hours of adoration before praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Confessions were also being heard during adoration. I was really looking forward to adoration. There was Jesus in the monstrance and a deep silence in the church. It lasted maybe fifteen minutes. I guess fifteen minutes was all the silence that some could stand, because somebody started the rosary.

Now, please do not misunderstand me, I love the rosary, but I love silence in front of the Eucharist more. It just spoiled everything for me. I can’t concentrate on Jesus with so much noise going on. And it wasn’t just the simple Rosary either, they added extra prayers at the end of evey decade. I’m sure it was a great blessing for them, and I don’t begrudge them that. But it distracted me virtually to tears.


I too am very distracted by vocal prayers during Adoration, however, according to Worship of the Eucharist outside of Mass, there should be periods of vocal prayer, readings, song and verbal reflections. I don’t know too many parishes that do that however. One thing that might be suggested is to have a specific time where people could pray the rosary or other prayer out loud and other times when silence is to be respected.


We had the exposition of the Holy Eucharist on Divine Mercy Sunday after the afternoon Mass at 3pm. And the Divne Chaplet was sung…it was reposed right after and we processed to give veneration to the picture. It is a specific ceremony for Divine Mercy Sunday. Perhaps your parish has a regular Adoration Chapel or day they Expose the Holy Eucharist for Adoration ours does on Fridays.


I absolutely agree with having specific times. That is done when we had all night adoration, and I came at a silent time when I could. But during brief periods of adoration, the Divine Mercy chaplet would have been enough vocal prayers. I know, I’m a curmudgeon.


Thank you all for the great ideas. I was asking this because I was talking to a prayer group leader and he told me to visit the Blessed Sacrament. I mentioned to him that I have been trying to go regulary, then he asked me what the Lord has told me. This is where I didnt know what to answer since I couldnt really tell if I was spoken to or not. But these suggestions are great. I thought that the thoughts that ran thru my mind were like distractions from keeping me focused on Him.


There’s a famous quote somewhere that one of our priests told us during RCIA about Eucharistic Adoration - “I look at Him, and He looks at me.”.

I usually pray my Rosary, and Divine Mercy Chaplet if there’s time (usually is, but just barely).


Usually my wife and I are together. Lately I have been doing the Hour of Reparation to the Sacred Heart.

In the past I have done some prayers to the Sacred Heart, Rosary, and read *Devotion to the Sacred Heart *by Fr. John Croiset.

When I am alone I usually do the same but I have sang to Our Lord before too. I sang O Solutaris Hostia.

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but my G_D gave me my voice and I was moved to sing.

I love my time in front of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I have tried quiet time but I did not hear anything but tinnitis.

The times I know Our Lord has communicated with me I have felt his warmth sweep over me and the knowledge that it was Him was quite profound. It has never been during adoration, but it was always tied to somethin having to do with the Blessed Sacrament and my relationship with Him. My strength is totally tied to the time I spend with Him.

I have told my manager that work will not interfere with my weekly adoration time.

Eddie Mac


I guess I wouldn’t worry about whether or not I “heard” the Lord speak to me, as nice as that might be. Keep your focus on Him, worship and adore Him and think about how wonderful it is that you are face to face with the One who created the universe – and you! I usually wind up feeling a great deal of gratitude – not as much as I should have, though – for the opportunity to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist. The hour usually flies by and I feel peaceful for hours after that. But even if I don’t, that would be an opportunity to grow in faith. God deals with different people in different ways at different times; that’s 'cause we, His children, are all. . . uh, different. And He knows what’s best for us.

The person who asked what the Lord said to you was probably well-intentioned, but probably shouldn’t have asked that. Unless that person is your spiritual director, you can – and perhaps should – keep that to yourself. But that’s just a quick thought on my part, so take it for what it’s worth.

In any case, whether or not you experience any consolations, Eucharistic Adoration is one of the most wonderful blessings of our Catholic faith. Go for it – as often as possible!

God bless,


There are different ways that the Lord “speaks” to us. If the OP is feeling drawn to spend time in Adoration then that could be the Lord speaking to him/her. One need not “hear” voices, it could be just a feeling or a nudge, an idea that won’t go away. God works through out intellect, so if we get an idea or thought about something we can spend time discening if it is from God. It doesn’t have to be some big mystical thing.

Some people are big on “hearing” the Lord, as if it is some great spiritual gift. But if you recall scripture, God’s voice is not in the thunder or the earthquake but in the soft breeze. For most of us, God speaks softly in ways that we can’t always discern unless we spend time in quiet. But many of us can’t stand the silence, we need to be busy all the time, even in prayer. Sitting in silent contemplation isn’t easy, but if you can get to that point, yes, you will “hear” the voice of God. And I agree, it is not something that should be revealed to all friends and family. I also suggest journaling. Write down thoughts and pray with them. God will let you know if they come from Him or not. Speakig with a spiritual director is also a help.


Well said.

God bless,


Thank you. This person is my spiritual director. I guess it is me trying to enter contemplation that becomes difficult for me. I will try the suggestions that have been given.


I have had that experience, too. One afternoon, I went early to a weekday Mass because I had some things I wanted to sort through in that quiet presence before Mass. The rosary was in full swing - about the second decade. I wanted to pray that day, but I did NOT want to pray the rosary. Finally, it was over, but they added another dozen prayers to the end of it. Prayer for Priests, St. Michael the Archangel and on and on and on.

I left feeling guilty for not wanting to pray the Rosary and sad that I had missed out on a rare (in my life) chance for peace and quiet. When I mentioned it in confession and asked if I was wrong, my confessor totally understood where I was coming from and said that is why the rosary is only recited before Mass on Wednesdays at our parish.

One day I walked into the adoration chapel at a different parish and the little old ladies there were saying the rosary. That didn’t bother me nearly so much. I was staying for a while, and when they were finished, it was absolutely quiet.

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