eucharistic adoration

I’m looking for some help with proper etiquette when at eucharistic adoration. I’m not catholic so really don’t know what would be okay for me to do and not offend anyone else praying there.
I’ve attended several times over the past year or so and find the serenity and silence quite comforting and helpful with my prayer/meditation practice.
Since I don’t know what to do I simply come in quietly,find a seat,kneel in front of it for about a minute then take my seat and begin my session using my prayer beads (they are not rosary beads). When finished I kneel in silence once again for a while then quietly get up and exit.
I can do this just as well at home yet there is something to praying while others are doing their spiritual practice nearby.

How beautiful that you are taking time to attend Eucharistic Adoration. Catholics believe that the Eucharist is God’s true presence, so when we go to Adoration, we are coming to spend time with the person of Jesus. There are a variety of ways to pray during Adoration. Some people sit in complete silence, just “soaking up” the peace, silence, and the wonder of being in Jesus’ presence. Other people pray the Rosary, other prayers, or have a conversation with Our Lord. And even others read during this time—the Bible, Lives of the Saints, or some other spiritual book.

As for etiquette, before you come into your pew, and after you leave it, kneel on both knees and bow toward the Eucharist. Some Catholics don’t even do this anymore, but honestly, they should, because it is tradition and it is a way to show reverence and respect for Our Lord in the Eucharist. After all, it is God Himself who is before us!! We should be in complete awe of this. If we could really see Him, wouldn’t we want to get on our knees and bow before Him?

I hope that helps! Are you currently in an RCIA program? Or are you just exploring the Catholic faith for now?

God love you !

God has truly blessed you for showing you the serendipity and peace of Adoration.

I personally feel as though you could address your question of what to do by further understanding Adoration. For instance, it is amazing to have all these people around you in their silent prayer, yes. However, the big reason you are all gathered and there is the fact that the real Body of Christ is present in front of you. Many people and saints feel as though their prayers are “amplified” in a way when brought before the blessed sacrament.

Furthermore, Christ is more than content with you just being with him in grace and peace. Go to confession, free yourself of your burdens, and sit quietly with Christ, reflect the name of Jesus. Imagine him in different ministries, in his birth, in his death, contemplate. One of the saints was asked what she did during adoration, and responded with “I look at Christ, and he looks back at me”.

Many blessings to you as you continue the strides of getting closer and deeper within the Savior.

Thank you both for your input and your time. You’ve been very helpful so now I’ll probably feel less out of place. I’m not in an rcia program and I never really thought of myself as exploring the catholic faith, however there is much to draw one to it. I do enjoy and get alot out of the homilies from the daily mass on ewtn but much of what I agree with and find helpful is also practiced preached in other faith traditions. So I keep plugging along asking for guidance not making commitments to any particular faith hoping that eventually a light bulb will appear and all will be clear. Blessings and stay safe.

When I go to the Adoration Chapel, I first kneel on both knees and bow before Him in the Blessed Sacrament.

I then pray the Divine Office, followed by meditation, then reading something spiritual.

Takes about an hour.


This is the usual etiquette before entering into your seat:thumbsup:

And when you leave the Chapel.

When you get up to use the bathroom or get a book before returning to your seat, you can just bow.


Thank you to all who responded. your input helps alot. I won’t feel so much like a fish out of water the next time I go to adoration. Blessings-stay safe.

There doesn’t seem to be a big ‘trend’ for Eucharistic adoration here in the UK, which is sad. Although I’m not catholic I am exploring the faith and whenever at Mass we get to the Eucharist I feel such a deep wave of peace and love and I feel so humbled to be in the Lord’s presence. Although the rest of the ‘rules’ and teachings are difficult for me to get my head around at the moment, being in the presence of the Body of Christ really changes something within me.

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