eucharistic adoration

So I was thinking of going to eucharistic adoration. However I’m not sure I believe int the real presence. Is is weird to want to go? I’m starting RCIA in an inquiry capacity.

If I do, I assume this is not appropriate to bring my toddler? I wouldnt want to disturb others inprayer. However I remember hearing a wonderful story on the radio about someone rembering their mother taking them and witnessing her devotion.

on the the other hand the church I’m doing RCIA at has adoration from 12am-12pm and ive been having trouble getting to sleep. So I go while husband and toddler are sleeping. Seems like a better more productive way to get to sleep…instead of playing skyrim.lil:)

No, not weird. In fact, it may be God calling you to encounter Him.

Depends on the toddler. If they can sit quietly with you yes. If they will be loud and full of spirit, probably not.

Much better idea. Go and be with God and let him speak to you. We all need a “Son” tan every once in a while.:wink:

Welcome Home!!

I had been studying the faith and wasn’t sure if I was ready to speak to a priest and make the jump. I went to Adoration and had the most spiritually moving experience of my life. I did believe in the Real Presence. When I walked into the church I felt and knew that God was present in a way that I’d never experienced before.

If you haven’t read it, “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist” is a wonderful book. A friend told me that if someone doesn’t believe in the Real Presence when they start reading it they would by the time they finished it.

I made my Confirmation this Easter. Welcome home! Adoration is wonderful. It is one if my favorite devotions. I am still on fire for God. I try to go at least once a month to just sit with Jesus.

Before our Lord is the place to go precisely because you have doubts about His true presence. Take your doubts with you and present them to Him. Ask Him to confirm to your spirit that He is there. Then, simply exercise the patience with Him that He has exercised with you. You might be amazed sooner, or perhaps later, but when you are amazed, you will be changed. You will desire to be with Him, exactly as He intends.

I agree

Yup–Our Lord wants to be wtih you there. All you have to do is answer his call and go. I love the time i spend in adoration!

Great post, po18guy. Exactly what I did when I was going thru RCIA and had my doubts…

God wants us to not be afraid of our doubts and take them to Him.

My experience has been be honest with God about my doubts and keep an open mind. He does the rest.

By all means… GO!!! I once heard a story of Archbishop Sheen bringing a non-believer with him to adoration… that non-believer later converted

If you bring a toddler to perpetual adoration in a dedicated chapel, you might consider bringing them in their PJ’s near or just past their bed time. Don’t be surprised if they fall asleep peacefully in the preence of our Lord.

I adore at night, sometimes 10:00 PM or later, and have seen someone bring a child on occasion. In the quiet of the chapel, they usually fall asleep. I love to see a small child who fell asleep in front of the monstrance.


yes, go. its a wonderful experience.

Thanks. The more I think about it the more the late-night seems like a good idea. If that really is the body of my Lord that’s exactly where I want to be and that what if is what’s very scary. I used to be leave and more than one God and what it’s led me tO Christ

The is a young mother that occasionally brings her toddler son with her. I noticed that she would leave the chapel if he began to vocalize too much. I know that I have oftentimes taken offense at children there. Then, in front of our Lord, His words came to me, “Whom when Jesus saw, he was much displeased, and saith to them: Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14). I was convicted of hard heartedness on the spot and told mom to bring him back in. What I found to be a distraction the Lord heard as a joyful noise.

Lesson learned.

That made me want to cry.:slight_smile: god so often speaks to me through my little one.

I go to Adoration twice a week - would go more but with the price of gas and the distance I have to travel that is all I can afford right now.

It is a very peaceful experience and I’m sure someone with doubts will get answers by going. I personally would not mind children being there and depending on their age a little toddler chatting would not bother me. Same goes for Mass - I brought my three children to Mass from the time they were three weeks old and they grew up knowing how to behave in church.

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