Eucharistic Adoration


Has anyone had any profound experiences while in Eucharistic Adoration that they would like to share?


I do! When I went to Steubenville for the first time something AMAZING happened. On Saturday night, they did a Eucharistic Procession. We were in a basketball arena type thing and the Bishop who was carrying Jesus would randomly genuflect and I happened to be kneeling at an end seat. I have bad knees, and I shouldn’t have been kneeling in the first place, but something inside me told me to do it anyways, so I did. When the bishop was processing on my row, he genuflected. Right in front of me! The Monstrance was maybe 2 feet away from my face. I knew that nobody touches the Blessed Sacrament, not even the priest, but I wanted to touch it, so I tried, It didn’t work, a seminarian slapped my hand away. This whole time lasted for about 15 seconds. During those fifteen seconds, I had my eyes trained on the Blessed Sacrament. Its what I saw is what was amazing. It was like a Youtube video, I saw from when Jesus was condemned to death all the way up to the 3rd fall. But it didnt feel like 15 seconds, it was like in real time. I thought that I was there. Afterwards, I was in my own little world of God’s love, It was like i was in His arms and he was giving me a huge bear hug. I couldnt hear the music or my knees, To this day I still love Adoration.


I don't know if I fell asleep or went into a trance... but I "dreamt" that Jesus appeared in front of me in the same image as is depicted in the Divine Mercy. He smiled at me, then He opened the top of His robe and His Sacred Heart appeared, shining with the rays just like the image. The rays appeared to fill the whole chapel and engulfed me, and I felt an intense love. I saw myself running like a little child toward Jesus and He reached His arms out toward me like a loving parent waiting to scoop me up. I remember that I was laughing with joy as He swept me up and held me close. Whether that was "real" laughter or "dream" laughter, I don't know as none of the other adorers said anything to me as I left.

Next thing I knew, the priest entered and began the Reposition. My voice was the loudest as we sang the "Holy God, We praise Thy Name", and I felt an utter sense of having been loved beyond any love I've ever known before or since.

I had intended to adore for one hour-- but when I glanced at the clock on the way out, I had been there for over THREE HOURS! I laughed again, this time for real. :D


That’s awesome! The reason I started the thread is because I started a once a week, one hour Adoration in the church’s Adoration Chapel. I wasn’t expecting anything but to be alone with Jesus. I was kneeling in front of the monstrance and praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. I was heavily burdened with pressures for the past couple of years. I told Jesus in prayer, that I am willing to suffer anything that is in His Will for me. I asked Him to be with me and my family, no matter what. After about 15 minutes, Jesus’ face with a crown of thorns on His head and with a sad look on his face, appeared to be suspended in the air on the side of the Monstrance. I was frightened at first, but all of a sudden tears started flowing from my eyes. This lasted about 3 minutes. The rest of the hour, while looking directly at the host, I kept seeing what appeared to be shadows of Jesus kneeling and praying. I saw five different shadows of Jesus’ face in the Host before it stopped. None of this has happened to me during Adoration since that, but I’m fine with it. The first “apparition?” will be with me for life. It looked like it was a suspended 3D animation. Changed my life forever now and I pray the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy daily now. There were no words from Him and he didn’t even make eye contact with me, He was looking off to the side very sadly. I pray that this happens to me again because it was phenomenal. I have spoken to a Priest about it because it effected me so much. I am planning on speaking to my Parish Priest about it and ask him if it is right for me to pray for that experience again. My interpretation is that Jesus confirmed to me that He is with me always, like I asked Him to be.


I have never had any odd experiences during Adoration, but one of my friends was altar serving during Adoration and he saw the face of Christ in the monstrance during Benediction.:signofcross:


Several years ago, I was praying on behalf of a man named George, a fellow parishioner who, like me, had a herniated lumbar disc. His wife told me that he was struggling after his surgery, was not recovering as well as he had hoped, and needed a cane to walk. As I prayed, I was shocked to hear myself asking to bear his back pain for him. I had spinal surgery in 2002 and 2004, and I well knew what that entailed. I could not believe that I had spontaneously asked to receive more back pain! But, I did. As I asked, I felt a dull pain mysteriously arrive on the right side of my lumbar spine. It remained for about 15 minutes, then faded just as mysteriously. What struck me at that time was that our Lord bore the brunt of it, allowing me to experience only a tiny portion of the pain.

I saw George about a week after, and he was walking without his cane. I asked him about the pain, and he said that "the other day, it just went away". Given the time frame of the prayer, there appeared to be a direct connection. My herniation is on the left side, and I have nerve damage from it. All of my pain was and is on the left side. I asked George about his herniation and he told me that it was on the right and toward the front. Thus, his pain appeared on his right side, as that is where his nerves were exposed to the pressure of the herniated disc. I had never had right side pain, and still don't, so I knew that there was a connection to the prayer.

The week after, I was before the Blessed Sacrament praying for a young man with cancer. As I prayed, the dull pain suddenly returned in my back. This puzzled me until, not 30 seconds later, I saw George entering the chapel for adoration. I knew then that all of this was related, as the pain that I received was in the exact spot where his had been. The Holy Spirit told me, via the return of the pain, that George was still in need of prayer.

On another occasion, I was praying for Nora, a wonderful prayer warrior who had a serious jaw infection, caused by a tooth problem. She was experiencing intense pain, and her medication was only partially controlling it. The antibiotic was not clearing the infection as expected. Such infections can be fatal, and the specter of jaw surgery loomed. As I prayed for Nora before the Blessed Sacrament, I suddenly felt a wave of almost indescribable comfort wash over me. It was the most spiritually reassuring sensation I have ever experienced - pure peace in my inmost being. A few days after, I spoke with Nora and she told me that, the night on which I prayed, her pain broke and the infection was now being controlled. She recovered completely. My charismatic priest told me later that what I experienced is known as the "word of knowledge", since I received spiritual "knowledge" that Nora would be fine.

On another occasion, Dawn, the daughter of my son's godfather was pregnant, but the baby's blood type was incompatible with hers, and she was suffering from increasing toxemia. Doctors were warning her that, to spare her life, they would have to take the baby early - at about 24 weeks. Once I found out about this, I had the custodian let me into the church and I went into prayer before the Tabernacle. At about 2:45 PM, as I prayed, I again received the same sudden rush of spiritual comfort. I spoke with Dawn's mother a day or two after and learned that blood taken from Dawn at that same time showed that she was well enough to carry her baby until the additional time needed. Today, their baby, Ava Marie, is a happy and healthy girl. Praise God!

On another occasion, I read a prayer thread posted by another CAF member who was being treated in a hospital for depression. Something in the thread struck me deeply and I went into prayer before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. I asked to bear her depression. As I prayed, I felt a sudden heaviness that seemed to be pressing me to the floor more strongly than mere gravity. The breath rushed out of me and I felt a profound sadness. This remained with me as I completed my holy hour. When I got up, my head just hung and I could look only down at the floor. The sensation remained with me on my drive home, but then faded. Her subsequent post revealed that she had been released from the hospital shortly after.

My current situation might have been brought about by the willingness to spare another a test of their faith, but I will not know with certainty in this life.


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