Eucharistic adoration.

I live in a small town that does not have Eucharistic adoration at the Catholic church.I have seen online adoration, and am curious about it. Anyone have any input?
Also I wonder why they don’t have it and if it is common to not have it.

Eucharistic adoration is not a necessity nor is it present or even possible in every parish. For 24 hour adoration, there must be enough volunteers to cover the chapel all day and all night, every day, 365 days per year. Some parishes have adoration for a limited period of time if they cannot do it full time. Even that requires a commitment on the part of many adorers.

Thanks Jim. I was wondering about it.

Note: I know of some Parishes on Long Island, NY which have Eucharistic Adoration once a week for only 1 hour. In these cases, while they don’t have enough volunteers to have it every day or for a few hours, they do have some people who can stay for one hour after a Daily Mass.

We have First Friday Adoration and I try never to miss it. It’s a very special time and I wonder why so few take advantage of the opportunity to be in a quiet place with a feeling of reverance and…adoration! Our regulars spend their time differently. Some simply pray, others just sit and contemplate the Blessed Sacrament, I use the time to pray, to say a Rosary (silently and try not to rattle too much!) and do a little spiritual reading. One lovely woman brings a very very frail, elderly friend who can’t come to Mass anymore but Adoration is such that she can sit and contemplate for an hour or so. It is really really special.

Maybe you can speak to your Priest about offering Adoration for a couple of hours on the FIrst Friday of the month? That wouldn’t require a lot of effort. I hope you are able to do this.


Ah, but every parish has a Tabernacle, in which our Eucharistic Lord is reserved (just ask, or look for the lighted candle near the altar, indicating the Lord’s presence). Time spent before the Tabernacle is every bit as efficacious in the spiritual realm as it is before the exposed Sacrament. Holy hours are a very spiritually enriching benefit of the faith, one of the best-kept secrets, and one of least availed of.

I’m lucky to have two nearby churches which have have adoration for 8 to 12 hours per day 4 or 5 days per week.

Would that EVERYONE would remember this…how true and how beautiful to contemplate.
Thank you fro posting this!


Even if you don’t have regular Eucharistic Adoration hours, you can still spend time with Our Lord on your own. God Bless, Memaw

Yes! We can sit quietly for a time and be aware that all over the world there are tabernacles that are not visited but mainly ignored. We can visit in spirit.

Also, all over the world there is a Consecration going on by a priest. We can adore the Lord in unison with those others who are doing so at the same time.

I thank the Lord for our imaginations!

I’m also thankful that our parish has Eucharistic Adoration every first Friday of the month.

I’m also thankful that in a nearby parish, just 15 minutes away, they have Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It took them many years to plan and pray for this to happen, and it has been going on for about fifteen years now.

Our parish has a perpetual Adoration Chapel. It’s open 24 hours every day of the week. The only time the Blessed Sacrament is not exposed is during mass (then it’s called Eucharistic meditation) or bad weather that makes it too dangerous for someone to travel to the chapel. Otherwise there is at least one adorer there every hour and that person cannot leave until the next adorer arrives. This does take a lot of commitment and communication among parishioners.

Personally, I am the scheduled adorer two hours a week. One hour alone and on a different day, my husband and I go together. I’m only an RCIA candidate so I can’t really participate in parish life in very many ways so I do this. It is a special feeling to adore the sacrament, sometimes completely alone, but never be allowed to receive it. But those are two of the best hours of my week.

That said, if you don’t have a chapel, we are reminded that we can adore before and after mass or anytime the Eucharist is in the Tabernacle. I had no idea there is online adoration, I will look into this, thanks!

Some parishes near me do a few hours a week of Adoration. One parish in my diocese does perpetual adoration, and its going on 25 years, a few others in another diocese have it but they are a 2 hour drive away. I just wished I lived a lot closer to come by to the local parish as many of the times offered do not mesh with my work schedule. I find it at times to be a time of rest and relaxation in addition to prayer time.

Our parish has had 24 hr adoration for quite a while now. The only time the adoration chapel is closed is when the monstrance is on the altar. It is very popular and seldom is there only one person there.

A second thing, perhaps a bit off topic, but not really. On the first Friday & Saturday of each month, a local Methodist church has 24 continuous hours of vertical worship & prayer. It starts at 6pm on Friday and the music never stops (literally) for 24 continuous hours. Musicians usually work in concert with prayer leaders in 2 hour sets. At the end/beginning of a set, the musicians and singers do an overlapping handoff that is amazing. People in the pews drift in and out as they please, but the worship never stops. A friend and I have had the honor of doing it for a couple of years now, and believe me it is POWERFUL. All denominations are represented without hesitation or prejudice of any kind. They were surprised (of course) when they found we were Catholic, and even more surprised to see that we could play and sing. Now we are part of their family. We do 8-10am on Saturday. Major walls tumbled down.

Anyone ever experienced this or anything like it? Any of you do any shared worship with non-Catholics?

On line adoration is not the same as being with Our Lord in person and should never take the place of really being with Him whenever possible. But for shut-ins and others who can’t be there in person it is like the on- line Mass. God Bless, Memaw

It would be a good thing t hat if we are asking for Adoration that the one asking is willing to commit to be there for a good time OR be the person who schedules it so that there will be someone there all the time. The priest probably doesn’t have the time to cover all of it .

I was a sacristan for a women’s retreat. We had adoration from something like 9pm to midnight. I got complaints that at another retreat there was adoration all night long. That is wonderful but the person complaining woudn’t even commit to one of our half hour slots. I stayed the whole time (NOT a bad thing) but if one is going to ask for more be willing to commit oneself for more.

I am blessed we have a chapel that is open 24/7 (with a few weather and power issues closings) but if I didn’t have this. I might ask the priest if we could start with a time on Friday or Saturday (when I could be there) then as more get involved and commited then every Saturday and let it grow

Ours isn’t online, it’s a real chapel. There is always an actual person in the chapel 24/7. During the day, there are several people. In the middle of the night, there is usually just one person. I didn’t want you to think I mean ours is online :slight_smile:

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