Eucharistic Bread

One of my friends just told me that his parish back home used to make its own bread for the Eucharist. I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is permitted. It seemed like this particular situation was terrible as the bread was all crumbily and they ended up threwing the leftovers out behind the church. He said they switched to normal hosts but there are still people pushing to go back to their old ways.

It’s OK as long as the bread is just wheat and water without additional ingredients.

As you note, this can be very crumbly and regular hosts may be a better choice.

Once the bread is consecrated it should be treated with reverence. It IS the body and blood of Christ, no matter what it looks like.

Of course a parish can make it’s own bread for the Eucharist. It takes skill because only flour and water is allowed to be used and should not be permitted to be used if too crumbly. All remaining particles of Consecrated bread MUST be consumed. Throwing out Consecrated Bread constitutes an excommunicatable offense for all involved.

I hope this does not mean what it seems to mean. If the “leftovers” were conscecrated —our Lord was thrown behind the Church.—:eek:

There was a time that it was the rule for parishes to make their own hosts. Host makers used to be standard equipment carried in supply catalogues.

And I think our stomachs faired better. The grain isn’t even the same today. :slight_smile:

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