Eucharistic Experiences

Has anyone received the Host or Precious Blood and experienced something extraordinary? I ask because in another (closed) forum someone said they’d tasted blood.
I myself sometimes feel a warm sensation or a kind of tingling. My SD said the warm sensation is just probably from the lights warming the Hosts. Didn’t tell her about the tingling.

Anyone else experience something when receiving?

A somewhat cold breeze. Happens on occasion, more often than an actual cold breeze coming through in a rather warm church.

I experience intimate communion and relationship with my Lord and Savior who has (by His grace and mercy) led me to His table to receive Him, to abide with Him and in Him, and He in me. :cool:

I do not hear angels singing though. :harp:

God bless you

Whoa. I thought I imagined it. This past lent I focused on penance. At the Easter Mass I was more ready to receive the Eucharist than ever. On a high that day. When I received the Eucharist I thought I had tasted blood. Never happened before and not since. Of course I believed at the time in what I experienced but at the same time I was a doubting Thomas. I had never heard anyone mention that exact thing as the OP did here. I have to say as soon as I read the thread subject I already knew what I would see, conformation. I can’t explain the ways the Holy Spirit brings me information and insight like this. I know people reading this may not think much of it but I am awestruck how He reveals Himself.

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