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Hello. Soon, I will be attending a Catholic university for the 2nd school year. However, I am dismayed that checking both my schedule and the Mass schedule in the chapel, I will only be able to attend 6:15 AM Morning Prayer/Mass during some days. These days are also days with no break in the morning and we cannot eat in class. Thus, can I be excused from the Fast so I may eat breakfast before Mass. My first class begins right after Mass ends.


Grab a breakfast bar or piece of fruit (or bag of cookies, if you prefer :slight_smile: and eat it as you walk from Mass to class . . .


This is something that you would need to discuss with your Pastor.

Seeing how it is not an obligation to go to daily Mass or to even receive Communion every time we go to Mass, I am not sure what the justification would be to dispense you from the fast.


The fast is one hour before receiving communion (not before the beginning of Mass). Unless you are eating while walking to Mass, I’m sure you can pull off the fast.


Or you could get up a half hour early and eat. Your 6:15 a.m. daily Mass probably is fairly short so you’d be going up for communion at what, 6:45? So you would have to be finished eating by 5:45. It takes you how long to walk over to Mass? What, maybe 10 minutes? You probably get there 5 minutes early, right? So, if you normally left at 6 a.m., you’d basically be getting yourself ready to go about 20 minutes earlier, in order to eat breakfast between 5:30 and 5:45 a.m.

I used to do that all the time when I was working a 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. work schedule. It’s not that hard.



Just bring something with you and eat on the way from Mass to class :thumbsup:


other options not mentioned yet:

  1. Speak to your priest and see if he will give you a dispensation to receive without the fast.
  2. Ask others who attend the same mass and see what they do to overcome this situation.
  3. Go to mass, but do not receive the Eucharist. You will still receive the graces of attending. ( This used to be the norm, before Pope St. Pius X encouraged frequent reception of the Eucharist.)


You are obliged to attend Mass but you are not obliged to receive Communion (apart from once a year during the Easter period), albeit it is recommended to receive regularly.


No. You could get up extra early to eat breakfast and wait until after Mass to eat something on the go to top you up.


He can’t mine couldn’t dispense me from the fast despite having a severe metabolic disorder that required me to eat every hour otherwise I’d go hypoglycemic and faint. He told me I could drink juice or sugar water as a form of medicine, which is permitted.


Isn’t there a requirement for a fifteen minute abstinence from food after reception?



No. This is a pious practice some people have adapted. There is nothing anywhere about it being required.


It would appear from the OP that this is a weekday Mass, as he attends class afterwards. There is no obligation to attend weekday Mass. And of course if one adopts the laudable practice of attending Mass during the week, there’s no obligation to receive communion if one cannot fulfill the requirements to do so (state of grace, abstinence from food 1hr prior…).


Can you provide documentation to prove this? :smiley:

That’s actually good to know. Now I can skip my normal prayers after Mass, ditch out the side door after communion and go straight to Starbucks down the road. Immediate seating at IHOP - sweet. Thanks!



Actually, Tim, shouldn’t you be providing the ‘proof’ that this is required? :cool:

I have to agree with HisBeloved94, a pious practice for sure, but I have never, ever seen it written as a “requirement”.


If I was the OP I’d stash the Cliff Bars under the mattress in the dorm, set the alarm for 4:45 AM, pig out on the gooey apple cherry almond goodness, catch a few more Z’s and then head out to Mass.

OraLabora can attest because he rides bikes - never leave the house without a Cliff Bar in your backpack. Goes good with Endurox.



My wife is the Cliff Bar addict in our house (she rides with me most of the time except today she’s at work and I’m unemployed so I rode alone). I’m into Nature Valley Sweet and Salty nut bars; some would say it’s because I’m a nutbar :smiley:

I pack a ton of 'em in my jersey and backpack when I ride a century :stuck_out_tongue:

That and Gatorade. Haven’t bonked yet this year!


Frankly, I find it praiseworthy that you’re making the effort to attend daily Mass at all. As for presenting yourself for communion, if you’re not disposed, you’re not disposed. But it shouldn’t stop you from Mass.


I’ve eaten enough Cliff Bars to put the children of the hippies who run the company through college. Tour riders drink Carnation Instant Breakfast for recovery drink.

Speaking of Carnation Instant Breakfast drink, the OP could mix up a bike bottle full of that before leaving the dorm and chug it down on the way to class after Mass. There are lots of options for nutritious food on the run. A pear and a 12oz bottle of low fat milk is satisfying and probably better for you than just about anything out of a box. Just gotta get creative.



Obviously there is no documentation because such a rule does not exist.

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