Eucharistic Joy?


Hello all,
When i was Confirmed in April, something awesome happened. When i went to Mass on Sunday, I was filled with joy when I received the Eucharist. It was like the most amazing feeling ever. But it only happened once...

Last month I woke up at 3 in the morning and I was craving the Eucharist. When I was finally able to go to Mass 8 hours later, I was so excited to receive the Eucharist. When I did finally get to receive it, I was filled with such great joy that i could not stop smiling! I was also a Eucharistic minister at that Mass, so while I was distributing the Blood of Christ, I was radiating happiness. The Mass energizes me. Its almost like a Holy energy drink or something.

Now, every time I go to Mass, this beautiful joy comes to me after I receive the Eucharist! Does anybody know what is happening and why it happens? I have asked many of my friends, family, and my theology teacher at school and nobody can explain it.


I’d say you’ve been especially blessed.

I dated a woman for a while who used to burst into tears at Communion. She also claimed that when she was a Confirmation sponsor, and the Bishop annointed her sponsee, she felt like an electric shock pass through her arm, while she had her hand on the other woman’s shoulder.

Be grateful for the gift.


I’m surprised your theology teacher at school didn’t have an explanation. Actually, I’m not surprised given the quality of theology that’s being taught in schools these days.

Anyways, what you’re experiencing is what the saints and spiritual writers refer to as a “sensual consolation.” Basically, God will sometimes give us consolations when we perform a good work, or do something spiritual as a reward, and an attempt to get us to continue doing that good work, or to help us grow in our faith. Eventually, God withdraws his consolations and leaves us in a state of desolation to test us if we pray, go to Mass, etc because we love God, or because it makes us feel good. It’s important that one does not use consolations an end in themselves, but uses them as a means to an end. The goal of prayer, etc isn’t to feel good, but because we love God. Further, we love God for the sake of loving God, not because he rewards us or because our life is all fine and dandy like cotton candy. Remember Job???

We’re like dogs. When you’re training a dog you use treats as a reward to get him to do what you ask him to. Eventually, you don’t give him treats anymore because the dog learns to do what you ask him to without the treat.

It’s important you don’t get attached to these consolations because when the desolations come (and they will. I’ve been in a state of spiritual desolation since August, though I think it started in April, and it keeps getting worse), you will have a very difficult time keeping your faith and maintaining your prayer life.


This brings to mind a question I have re the dark night of the soul,spiritual dryness.I have a daily prayer time that I adhere to without fail.So far I have really enjoyed this time as it sets the tone for my day.Should I expect at some point a dry period,is this considered an indication of growth in ones’ spirituality to go through a dry period.Or does this only happen to some and not others?


??? So does this mean that the joy will stop soon???

I have always loved going to Mass and praying, especially the Rosary. The joyous feeling that happens just makes going to Mass that much more enjoyable.

I am also currently discerning religious life, even though I am only 16. If i go through a spell of spiritual dryness, does that mean I should stop discerning or something?


Forgive me if I am wrong, but it has been my opinion that the “dark night” is a good thing in reality as one is sort of being assailed by “satan” & is tested. If Satan is happy with the way you are, he has no reason to challenge you. Like I said, I could be way wrong but that’s how I deal with things & keeps my faith strong in difficult times.


He just wants to let you know that he likes to hang out with You.

God bless


Everyone experiences spiritual dryness from time to time. Spiritual dryness can be caused by a variety of things; the dark night of the senses (most common) and the dark night of the spirit (very rare) are only two causes. Most often spiritual dryness is caused by either sin or some other cause such a stress, depression (or as St. John of the Cross, whose feast day it is today, btw, calls it, melancholy), sickness, etc. There are certain tests to determine whether or not one is indeed going through the dark night of the senses, which one should consult a competent priest who is quite familiar with St. John of the Cross’s writings.


I can’t answer that for certain, as I am not God, nor do I know what God’s will is for you. All I can say is that one shouldn’t become attached to the consolations and be prepared for them to be taken away from you at any moment.

If you’re discerning the religious life, you should have a spiritual director to help you develop your spiritual life. He can help you to discern the cause of your dryness. Having dry spells, to my knowledge, which is very limited with regards to discerning vocations, is usually not a reason to stop discerning.


ok... I hope and pray that I never have to encounter spiritual dryness!

Why would only some people receive this wonderful gift and others not?


When spiritual dryness is caused by one of the dark nights, the dryness itself is the gift and is something that is required in order to advance in holiness. It’s something that all the saints experienced. St. Catherine of Sienna almost committed suicide when she was going through one of the dark nights. Granted, the saints tended to go through more extreme dark nights, as God was expecting great things of them.

I strongly recommend reading St. John of the Cross’s book, Dark Night of the Soul, as well as St. Teresa of Avila’s book, The Interior Castle.


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