Eucharistic Minister of Communion Abuse

This has been bothering me for sometime and I would appreciate some direction if only to settle my angst about what I believe to be an abuse of the Sacrament.

I visit a friend at a nursing home a couple times a week. One day a week, on Tuesdays, a couple EMsOC come into the facility carrying ciboriums loaded with consecrated Hosts. I’m not talking about a pyx. They are carrying full size, covered ciboriums. Worse yet, my friend who does receive the Eucharistic told me that he noticed that the inside of the ciborium from which he receives Communion is “black” which I can only assume is a result of a unpolished, tarnish laden surface. To add insult to injury (or should I say “sacrilege”) the ciboriums are carried about most casually. I have seen a women carrying two ciboriums, one clutched in her hand the other ciborium pinched between her forearm and body while carrying on conversation with someone.

Besides the obvious problem with the way the vessels are handled, should a EMOC be carrying a ciborium rather then a pyx? I think it has to be assumed that there is a priest somewhere that is allowing this is happen.

I think there are too d*** many EMsOC. It seems to me that in a effort to make sure that every person that wants to receive the Sacrament, much caution is thrown to the winds and Christ is dishonored in the process. Any comments will be appreciated.

This sounds beyond strange. You might want to speak to the priest who is the chaplain for this facility. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say about the practice of lay EMHCs running around with full ciboria and also about the tarnished ciboria themselves.

Also, have you verified if they are Catholic? They could be Anglican. Just a guess.

Well, first of all, the lay people who are bringing Communion are called “extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion”. They are not “Eucharistic Ministers”. (I know some of you readers saw that coming ;)). A pyx will only hold a small number of Hosts. How many Catholics at the facility need Communion brought to them? If it is a large number of people then they may need to use something larger than a pyx. I have no reason to believe that there is anything wrong with using a covered ciborium if needed. But you do paint a sad picture in your description of the casual way that the EMHC carried two large ciboria “loaded with consecrated Hosts” with one “pinched between her forearm and body” and the hearsay comment from your friend that the inside of the ciborium is “black”. I suggest that you contact your pastor and tell him what you have seen.

I would talk to the pastor immediately.
At our parish, you are given in a pyx the exact number of hosts you require to hand out.

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