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I hope I am going to ask this correctly:
Is there a Document from the U.S. Bishops or a Papal Document that explains the proper way to send out Eucharistic Ministers who visit homes and shut-ins, and any blessing to give Eucharistic Ministers at the end of Mass?

First of all, the only ones who are Eucharistic Ministers are priests and bishops. The laity who assist with the distribution of Holy Communion are called Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion.

As far as I can tell, there is no method of sending out EMHCs. Some of them are already assisting the priest at Mass and will simply go, after Mass, to the Tabernacle, and retrieve the pyx and then go and make their rounds.

Thank you for your response. I will rephrase my question :o :

Does anyone else know any Document (USCCB, Papal, etc…) that explains the proper way to send out Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion who visit homes and shut-ins, and any blessing to give Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion at the end of Mass?

My father is an EMHC who visits the sick and homebound. He is not sent away with a special blessing. He simply goes to the Tabernacle, after Mass, and retrieves the pyx. I believe that this is the method done in most places.

There are some places that do have a special blessing for EMHCs who do this, but, it is not always done.

The closest I have come to something is here:

I do not know if this will help, though.

Yes I am familiar with EMHCs going to the Tabernacle after Mass, but I was asked to post on CAF if there is anything else. Your information is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. If anyone runs across anything, please let me know.

Deacons are also ordinary ministers of Communion…

No prayer for EMHC that I have ever heard. Typically the first week after Lent all EMHC are ‘called’ to the Altar the Celebrant gives us all a blessing. That is all I have ever heard of.
If I am incorrect forgive me but I know of none.

If EMHC’s are assigned to deliver Holy Communion to parishioners in their homes, are they permitted to make stops along the way for personal errands, lunch, fuel, Starbuck’s, whatever?

Absolutely not.

I have the following in my files:

If possible it is desirable that the celebrant reference the pastoral needs for the office of Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in his homily.

At the end of the homily the celebrant invites all Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion present to come forward and presents them to the congregation as follows (or in similar words):

   These  brothers  and  sisters  have  been  entrusted   by Bishop  Brown  with  the  important  duties  of  assisting  the celebrant  in  distributing  the  Eucharist  at  Mass  and  bringing the  EUCHARIST  to  the  elderly,  shut-ins  and  those  in danger of death.

Addressing the EMHCs
You, my brothers and sisters, have been chosen for an important office and must now strive more earnestly than ever to live the Christian life, to give good example, to take your faith more seriously, and to be devoted to this great mystery which beautifully signifies the unity of the Church and wonderfully brings it about. We who share this one BREAD become one body in Christ Jesus.

   We  know  that  by  eating  the  Body  of  Christ  and  by drinking  His  Blood  we  proclaim  the  death  of  the  Lord  until He  comes  again.   So  let  everything  you  do  become  a spiritual  offering,  acceptable  to  God  the  Father  through  our Lord Jesus Christ.
   Since  you  give  the  EUCHARIST  to  your  brothers  and sisters  in  Christ,  you  must  strive  earnestly  to  practice  that fraternal  charity  which  was  commanded  by  our  Lord.  Before  He  gave  His  Body  as  food  to  His  disciples,  He  knelt before  them  to wash  their  feet,  and  told  them:   "This,  then, is  what  I  command  you:  'Love  one  another  as  I  have Loved you.'"

Celebrant then asks the Ministers:
Are you resolved to undertake this office which the Church entrusts to you: to serve and strengthen your brothers and sisters by giving them the Body of Christ?

Ministers: I am.

Celebrant: Are you resolved to administer the Holy Eucharist with the utmost care and reverence?

Ministers: I am.

Celebrant now blesses the ministers who kneel before him:
All-powerful God, source of all grace and blessing, we beg You to bless ( ) our brothers and sisters who have been chosen to administer the Body of Christ. May they faithfully distribute the Sacrament to their brothers and sisters, be strengthened and comforted by it, and one day be found worthy to share in the everlasting meal of Heaven. We ask You this through Christ Our Lord.

All: Amen.

I don’t think it is mandatory. It may be from the diocese or may be something someone made up for our parish,.

We received training from our diocese and parish and then were ‘commisioned’ by our pastor and blessed at that time.

We do not retreive the Eucharist from the tabernacle ourselves, but approach the priest after the communion procession as the remaining hosts are being reserved.

We then kneel until the taberacle is closed. Immediately after Mass and the final blessing we go immediately to distribute communion to the sick. We are even instructed not to listen to the radio (other than prayers or sacred music) on the way.

If for some reason we have hosts remaining after our visits (occasionally happens if several folks in the nursing home have been discharged or hospitalized during the same week), we return directly to the church and give our pyx to the priest to return them to the tabernacle (or consume as he sees fit).

The role of the EMHCs is extremely helpful to the priests in our very large parish, but we aren’t called out each week with special prayers or blessings during Mass.

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