Eucharistic miracle happened today?


I think I might have experienced a small miracle when I took Communion today.

Early in the morning, I went to a small parish that had Confessions on Sundays before I attended Mass at my regular parish. While I was waiting for Confession to begin, the priest brought out the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance for Eucharistic Adoration. While I was staring at it, I thought, “God, it is so hard for me to believe that little thing is actually You. Please help me believe it.” I have only been in full communion with the Church since Easter 2013, so it is still something I’m grappling with.

After I completed my Confession, I drove to my home parish for Mass. While I was praying during Mass, I was talking to God about the rough month I’ve been having and said something to the effect of, “I need some kind of private revelation from You. Like a Marian apparition or something. I just need to know that You are here with me and that You care.”

When it came time for the Eucharist, I received the Host but decided to pass up on the Cup so I could avoid having to climb over people while getting back into my pew. When I got back to my pew, I noticed there were still small pieces of the Host stuck in my mouth, so I quickly chewed them up and swallowed before I started praying again. After about a moment, I suddenly realized that I felt a wine-like taste in the back of my throat! I know for a fact that the Host never came into contact with the Cup, and I was already chewing the Host before I got anywhere near the Cup. I didn’t feel any physical wine going down my throat, but the taste was definitely there.

I was momentarily stunned by the taste. At first I thought it might be a simple psychological phenomenon of some kind. But then I remembered reading stories of Catholics who had taken a Host out of their parish with the intent of committing some kind of sacrilege, and the Hosts suddenly start bleeding before they can do it.

Do you guys think it is possible that God answered both of the prayers I prayed this morning by making me taste both elements while only receiving one? I told some of my friends at the parish about it after Mass and they seemed to think it could have been a private revelation, but I want other peoples’ opinions as well. I don’t want to get too scrupulous when it comes to strange tastes by quickly attributing them to miracles.

I normally don’t put much stock in stories of private revelations. But this got my attention.


God is magnificent! Whether it was a private revelation or a result of imagination does not take away from or add to His Awesomeness. He loves you very much.


Years ago at a retreat for teachers, we asked Fr. Wm. Most about such things occuring to individual people amd he said, If you felt as though it was ment just for you, then THANK God and accept it as a signal grace for you. As long as there is nothing that leaves you with a bad feeling of some sort. Be thankful. God Bless, Memaw


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