Eucharistic Miracles


Who makes the final decision on wether your Miracle is a Private Revelation or a Public Revelation? How many people should decide, and how long does it take.


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there is no more ‘public revelation’. That’s what was passed down to us from the Apostles, the Bible, and the dogmas of the Church.

All the stories about the Saints or miracles or people who’ve seen the Virgin Mary etc are called “private revelation”.

If a “private revelation” is accepted by the Church, Catholics are free to believe in it. I’m not sure how long it takes, but usually some of the clergy - priests, bishops, - examine the revelation and the person to make sure there is nothing against faith and morals, and the person really does live a holy life. Obedience especially is a sure sign, since the devil can’t fake that, cause it requires humility. The person who received the “revelation” should be obedient and submissive to the Church.

If you’ve had something potentially miraculous happen to you, try talking to a good priest or a spiritual director if you have one.

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Thank you Monica,
I’m speaking for a close freind. And you say that she must find a good sensitive priest or the Bishop who will listen to her. And this must be something very great, I suppose!
We have been reading a few helpful books such as Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Cruz. It goes back to one of the 1st miracles in Lanciano. They are all quite astounding. She really doesnt want to broadcast what happened to her unless it has to be. Franny33


First, she should faithful, detailed, record of what happened.

Then she should first go to her parish priest for counsel.

And if he does not feel qualified to deal with mystical phenomena (I know I’m not), she should seek his advice for one who is.

And if necessary, be willing to wait for as long as it takes to find one with the right qualifications.

Her written record of when, where, and other details will be useful in determining their significance.


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