Eucharistic Miracles


In a book I have, The Eucharist 50 Questions From the Pews, that I bought from Pauline Books and Media, theres a question about Eucharistic miracles. It’s says that “throughout the centuries theologians have debated the validity of these phenomena.”
Aquinas said that “if such occurrences happen it’s because they are allowed by God because the faith of the community is very weak and feeble.”
“Aquinas was also clear that if blood did flow from the consecrated host, it was surely not the blood of Christ.”

Um, tests have been done on the hosts in more modern times that suggest it IS Christs blood.



(Note: I’m a Lutheran)

I’m really uncomfortable with testing - specifically because we are called to “Take and eat” (1 Corinthians 11:24) and because we believe that the true Body and Blood of our Lord is presented we are told “Do not put the Lord your God to the test” (Deuteronomy 6:16)

In addition, I can’t really think of a higher miracle that I expect to encounter than of God’s presence with us in the Eucharist.

I understand the reasoning for testing in that we would hope to increase faith by showing the miracle, but I’m content with with the words of our our Lord that “this is my body.” (Luke 22:19)


Anyone else?


How could any test show that blood was Christ’s? What do you compare it to?


I guess its a process of elimination. The blood comes from somewhere and the Real Presence site suggest its Jesus’ blood and heart tissue on the Lanciano miracle and others. Where do you think this comes from ?


No blood can be authenticated as that of Christ. It is not a question of elimination.


I’ve read somewhere that some tests have confirmed human blood. I don’t see how testing could go any further than that.


I know it can’t be proven whose it is, but who do you think it belongs to?


What’s your theory as to where or whom it comes from?


I have absolutely no idea whose blood it is and neither has the Church authenticated any blood as being that of Christ.


There are a number of books about Eucharistic miracles. I would suggest you read them. I think the last one tested showed that it was heart muscle and that it was beating. Unless you compare the blood to the blood on the Shroud of Turin to know if it was the same blood type as Christ which is AB positive BTW.


I know, I have a couple…Whose blood on the EMs do you think it it is?


It doesn’t matter what we think. Nobody, not even the Church can authenticate any blood as being that of Christ.


OK, I’m a little confused here. Hasn’t the Church confirmed the veracity of certain Eucharistic Miracles? I thought the Church has done so. If she has, then isn’t the logical assumption (for Catholics at least who believe in the True Presence) that any blood involved in these miracles is Christ’s blood?


But we aren’t talking about assumptions. The thread took this direction in response to a claim that the scientific tests “suggested” it is the blood of Christ. That’s not the same thing as a logical assumption.


Whose blood do you think it is?


There are many church approved miracles.




Speaking of which, our parish had that traveling display of Church approved EMs.


Christ’s Blood.

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