Eucharistic Miracles...


at Adoration the other night, I was reading about Lanciano (sp?)… and it just seemed so amazing to me… it makes me think about how the Eucharist is always a Miracle - the most Blessed of Miracles… we really are recieving Jesus, aren’t we? no wonder it changes us! how could it not?!?

Does anyone know of other Eucharistic Miracles like this? Has anyone been on a pilgrimage to see these occurances, where the form changed as well as the substance?

I kept wondering if I would ever get the opportunity to go spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where those miracles occured - to see them - and then I’d look up at the Blessed Sacrament in front of me and know that it’s the same thing…

still… it must be beautiful for one’s faith… I’m thinking of putting something together about Eucharistic Miracles and sending it out to my family and friends… I’d love to learn more! are there any good books?

I’m so full of awe for this… truly, the Eucharist is the most beautiful grace in the world… the gift of Jesus, our Messiah, body, blood soul and divinity - Himself, to us… as our sustenance, our life, our own pulse of faith…

in love, faith - and awe,


The greatest miracle of the Eucharist cannot be measured by independent study or seen in a bleeding host, the GREATEST miracle accures within our hearts as we receive our Lord-Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity:thumbsup:


but what happens when a person unworthily recieves? (a family member of mine did so when I was recieved into the Church this Easter, and told me about it after the MASS… I’m still not sure how I could’ve appropriately responded to that, but that is another entirely seperate issue that I was told not to worry about)

I do understand what you mean about how the greatest miracle ever is recieving Christ in the Eucharist… I mean, we’re recieving our God into our bodies and our hearts - what could be greater? I also, personally, believe that Jesus speaks to us in those moments if we allow our minds to go quiet (not neccessarily our lips - I’m in the choir, so I find on weekend MASS in particular I’m singing with total joy and with a quiet inside awareness of His Presence…)

But just reading about these miracles… I think if I could put something together and share them - and my awe at them - with my family - it might make them think about, for some, the presence of Christ in the Eucharist - and for others, the possibility that maybe there’s more to religion than just some people wanting to control others…

Being the only Catholic in my family, I feel some call to a gentle evangelism towards my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings - but being a neophyte, I don’t want to use my own words for fear of explaining something wrong - maybe just a gift of a book on a specific miracle, or an excited “hey look at this” over my shoulder from a computer…

plus, these miracles affirm my beliefs and my new faith in my own heart. I feel more and more blessed to recieve the Eucharist every day, and I look forward to recieving Jesus more and more every day (I go to daily MASS except on Mondays when work makes it impossible). then I read about these miracles, and I am even more in awe.

in love and faith,


This is a great link and they will give you many more actual Eucharstic miracles. Praise God!


I was told last night, by someone who was apparently present, that a Host began to bleed during the Consecration in Betania, Venezuela, in the early 90s. I’ve never been there, but I believe that the appartitions at Betania have been approved by the local Ordinary. The visionary, Maria Esperanza, has since died.



A book “This Is My Body, This Is My Blood, Miracles of the Eucharist” by Bob and Penny Lord is very good.
The couple traveled to all places where Eucaristic miracles happened, recorded the historical events and took pictures to form this book. It contains 22 Eucharistic Miracles with pictures.


I learned of this on the forum. It is fascinating, because it was approved as it was going on rarely is this done.

As for Maria Esperanza, she is not approved. Rather strange but that is the status.

Maria Esperanza is not of God. The Church, meaning the local bishop who is the sole authority appointed by God, approved the apparitions of Our Lady to the people and the Eucharistic miracle as being supernatural, meaning “From God”. The Church did not even mention the name of Maria Esperanza.


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