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A couple of years ago the Lord deigned to make me an instrument of His will by founding a movement through me. It’s an Eucharistic movement, known as the Legion of Peace, and it currently has five members. It also has a website, here.

Now, what I want to know is, would this movement need Vatican approval in order to operate? My spiritual director approved of it before I asked anyone to join, but now I’m wondering if I need the Holy See’s approal as well?


I would not be concerned at this point about the Holy See ~ I would though urge you to make sure you local Bishop knows all about you and what you are about and ask for his approval. That means that you need everything on paper who/what/why before you present it to your Bishop. This can be done with your Spiritual Director and keep you on the path of truth in the mean time. There are a lot of Eucharistic Movements - what makes this one unique…I say a lot of prayer and sacrifice along the way to assure you are proceeding with true humility and within God’s will.

Prayers for you…


That’s a good idea! :slight_smile: Thank you for prayers, I do need them :slight_smile:


How do I address a Bishop? And do I call him Bishop or Reverent?


Eucharisted… I was just curious about something.

I have a very strong desire to receive Holy Communion, daily… but I’m currently not able to… because I can’t get to Mass every day. I’m a caregiver to an elderly parent… and her schedule (personal needs) doesn’t allow for daily Mass.

We do manage to get to daily Mass twice a week, though… and also receive Holy Communion one additional day, through an Extraordinary Minister, who visits our home.

Would you consider membership of someone like me?


If you are meeting him for the first time I would suggest you call him “Your Excellency” and when you feel a bit more confortable with him then you may call him Bishop XXXX (assuming he is not an Archbishop). In writing to him in the salutation for sure use “Your Excellency” and in the address line use
"The Right Reverend Bishop John Doe of (name of the Diocese)" on the envelope and in the formal letter.

Hope this helps.


Yes, you may join the Legion of Peace, because you go as daily as you can. And let me clarify that daily Communion is not a mandatory; the only mandatory is to go to Mass on the Holy Days of Obligation - of which Sunday is the Primary Holy Day - and to recieve the Eucharist at least during the Easter season.

And also let me clarify that sin or trivial matters do not give one permission to “go as daily as you can.” In other words, a member cannot skip daily Communion simply because he or she is in the middle of committing of sin, or because he or she is engaging in a trivial matter (for example, games, partying, television, etc.), and than say “I can be a Legionary because I go as daily as I can”. No, sin and trivial matters do not excuse one from the Legionary obligation. However, works of charity and grave matters (for example, sickness, death, pregnancy) would excuse one from receiving the Lord daily; in other words, they would still be a Legionary, because they go as daily as they can.

The Legion of Peace is simply a movement, and as such, is not suppose to be the focus of one’s life; it is only meant to help the Church, as all movements are. So don’t trouble yourself over whether or not you can receive the Lord daily and still become or remain a Legionary; if you do what you can, without using sin or trivial matters as an excuse from the obligation (as clarified above), you are welcome to join the Legion and can still be a Legionary.

Now, all of this is my private reflection, and as such, dose not hold the same weight as the judgment of the Church. So, if the Church judges that a Legionary must do something else which I have spoken of, than the Legionary must obey, because he or she is a Catholic - a Catholic first and a Catholic last - and every Catholic must honor his or her Holy Mother, as commanded by the Lord.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


This is very helpful! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


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