Eucharistic Prayer of Reconciliation

Can the Eucharistic Prayers of Reconciliation be used at any time, or are there rubrics regulating when it may or may not be used?

The GIRM only addresses the use of the 4 main EP’s, but says nothing about the EPs for Reconciliation. We can however glean something from the title of those prayers. They are called “Eucharistic Prayer * for Masses of Reconciliation.” So that means that they aren’t just prayers for reconciliation, but they (may) form a part of a Mass for Reconciliation; these would then come under the heading of a Mass for various needs and occasions. That leads to the conclusion that these EPs can only be used at those Masses (and only on days when those Masses are permitted), not at just any Mass.

I’m going to research this one a little more and see if I can find anything more definitive.*

^Over where I live, these prayers are used by just about every priest on Sundays of Lent (but no other time).

Interesting. Our priest today used it and it just caught me off guard. I think this may be only the second time ever I’ve seen this EP in use.

There may be a caveat to using them during Lent though because I believe that they carry their own prefaces and these need to be used in conjunction with those particular EPs.

From EWTN:

[Regarding the use of the Eucharistic Prayers for Reconciliation, the rubric in the Latin Missal notes the following.

These prayers may be used in Masses in which the mystery of reconciliation is particularly emphasized to the faithful. These include the Mass formulas for such needs as promoting social harmony, reconciliation, justice and peace, in times of war and social unrest, for the remission of sin, for the promotion of charity, the mystery of the Holy Cross, of the Holy Eucharist, and of the Precious Blood. Also included are Masses during Lent.

Although these Eucharistic Prayers have their own proper preface, it is permissible to use them with another preface that refers in some way to the themes of penance and conversion, for example, with the prefaces of Lent.

Thank you, Father. I think for some reason, I was confusing it with EP IV, which needs to be used with its own preface. That is the one that has the caveat.

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