Eucharistic Prayer Omission


Quick question about todays Mass at my parish. The priest ommitted (intentionally or unintentionally not known but charitably assuming accidentally) the mention of the Holy Father Pope Francis.

Is there any theological issue with this? I am under the impression the Pope in the Eucharistic
Prayer is significant to show unity with the Pontiff and the One, Holy, Catholic Church?


I'm sure an accidental omission like that certainly wouldn't render the Mass invalid, if that's your question.


Thank you that is part of the question. But also, hypothetically if it were on purpose would that change the answer? And also…is my thought on the reasoning for mentioning the Holy Father in the Eucharisric Prayer correct? Is there more to it?

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What causes you to need an answer to a hypothetically idea that a priest would offer Mass and purposefully omit the Pope’s name in the prayer?

Do not have fear.


Just making conversation on theology…everything under the sun has been thought of if not actually done so its always a possibility…


There are an infinite number of possibilities, we don’t need to dwell on all the “what if’s” of life and theology. Peace.


[quote="RoseMary131, post:6, topic:331411"]

There are an infinite number of possibilities, we don't need to dwell on all the "what if's" of life and theology. Peace.


Thank you for your thoughts. Some, however, enjoy having theological discussions such as these especially on a forum devoted to religion, theology, and philosophy. That is why I posed the question.

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