Eugene Peterson's The Message to come out in Catholic Edition in September

More info here:

Interesting. I know a number of people (evangelicals) who love The Message, although when they share from it I tend to find the text less than inspiring (never mind uninspired).

The blog post description does state that this version did not get USCCB approval, since it’s not intended for use within the liturgy. I guess as long as it’s clear from the cover that it’s a paraphrase, and what that means, it could prove useful.


That’s interesting.

Some years ago, I worked at a Christian bookstore (ie, non-Catholic) and The Message was the best-selling Bible we had. Many Protestant denominations use it as their pew Bible. I think it’s too casual in the rendering of Scripture and not really my cup of tea, but if it gets people reading the Bible, then that’s good.

Oddly enough, our second most best-selling Bible was the King James version.

This could be very good, but I wonder – since it is paraphrasing – how it treats verses that Catholics and Protestants would interpret differently.

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