Eugenics has Begun -- Down syndrome


The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologiests now advises all pregnant women to have their babies tested for Down syndrome:,1,1804226.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

If that isn’t scary enough, it contains this quote from a Dr. McCabe of Mattel Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles:

“the risks [of having a baby with Down syndrome] in older women have been managed so successfully that the largest number of Down syndrome children is being born to younger women.”

In other words, fewer of these babies are being born because their mothers are aborting them after getting the screening done. Now they want to expand this deathly “success” to all women! :mad:


I read somewhere that 90% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted in this country. I think it was a yahoo news article. Words fail.


:eek: How sad…and even more alarming that they are pushing younger woman for these tests just for the chance to abort these lovely children!!!


When I was pregnant my Dr asked if I wanted the screening test (I forget what it is called-- The Triple screen?). I declined in favor of an ultrasound. That screening test gives lots of false positives and I knew that regardless of the condition of my baby I was having her, so I opted for the ultrasound. He told me he doesn’t even like the screening test b/c the false positives just stress women out.

I wonder how many women don’t even bother with a second opinion.

Whenever I see a Down’s child I always make a point to interact with them. I never fail to feel blessed by it.


That is really sad to read because babies with Down’s have impacted my life personally!

My friend gave birth to a son with down’s and he is the most lovable, adorable little guy. He is also a living example that two loving parents and intense therapy and stimulation can give people with down’s a high quality, happy life. He meets all milestones almost on the dot so far!

Another example is less direct but still touched me. I worked at a crisis center and was involved in helping a lady over her decision to abort her baby or not. She had pressure from her family, the boyfriend, all the nurses and doctors, because the tests hinted at down’s.

Well she gave birth almost a year ago to a healthy girl without any abonormalities. Imagine if she had signed on the dotted line!



What a poor sad world we live in:nope: It scares me what’s next:(


My son has Down’s. Parents with “normal” children don’t know what they are missing.


I meant to add that I think Satan hates these children in particular, because they can be a model of love and innocence and joy that all of us should strive to.


totally agree…they are lovely children/adults and as you stated full of love and innocence-God Bless them ALL!


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