Eulogies in Jewish liturgy


Where can I find the Eulogies from the Jewish liturgy?


are you asking for appropriate verse from scripture to use in a eulogy?


No. In a book I’m reading there is a section about Jewish liturgy at the time of Jesus. It talks about the readings of the Law and Prophets, praying the Shema, etc., and also talks about “Eulogies” or “benedictions.” It only includes text from some, but not all of them.


You should probably ask this question on a Jewish website.


There are Jews on this website. Valke is Jewish.


A benadiction, as far as I’m aware, is the same as a blessing. We have a lot of blessings that we recite. For just about anything. There are blessings for Shabbat, blessings for the candles, blessings for meals, blessings for wine, for water, for bread… For travel, etc. Wikipedia has a bunch of them:

As for Eulogy, as in a speech for the dead, I am not aware of any official ones as such. Although there is a prayer that we say when an immediate family member dies, called the Mourner’s Kaddish. You can google that for the text.


No, it’s not for the dead. They were used in the synagogue around the time of Jesus. (I was surprised to see the author use the term “eulogies,” for these prayers). Thanks for your suggestions, Valke2, and sorry for the trouble. I’ll try to do some more digging.


what’s the name of the book you are reading?


Sketches of Jewish Social Life by Alfred Edersheim. It was originally written in the 1800’s, and this updated edition was published in 1994.

It’s one of those several books that I’ve picked up over the years, which have been sitting on my bookshelf since I bought them, planning to read them someday. Best I can recall, I think I must have pulled the wrong book off the store shelf. I remember I was looking for a book which would provide insight into Jewish worship, family life, etc. at the time of Jesus, and I’m pretty sure I intended to purchase the"Manners and Customs book I had heard about. This book had a big yellow SALE PRICE tag that must have caught my eye, and maybe it was next to the Manners and Customs book.

Ain’t middle-aged memory great? It sure makes life interesting sometimes!

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