Eunice Kennedy Shriver

As most of you probably know, Eunice Kennedy Shriver (88) has died. She was the founder and the heart of the Special Olympics program. She took the sorrow of her own sister’s mental retardation and used that inspiration to improve the lives of millions of less fortunate people around the world. She was a great lady who took to heart the admonition of St. Mark, often cited by her parents: To whom much is given, much will be expected.

I deeply believe that she is now joyously reunited with her parents and her many brothers and sisters who passed on before her. Her soul is worthy of our prayers.

I applaud her work with the Special Olympics. What a fantastic legacy she has left here on earth!

Prayers for Eunice K Shriver. As to her being joyously reunited w/ her parents et alI say, “God have mercy on her family”. The Kennedy’s were never a poster family of good Catholic life. And her father, Joseph Kennedy Sr. had character issues no mother would want her sons to emulate. RIP

I have more trust in God’s mercy. I’m sure that most of us parents have done things that we’d just as soon others not emulate. But that’s not the thrust of my post. As the father of a mentally handicapped child, I applaud Mrs. Shriver’s service. As for the other late members of her family, I trust them confidently to God’s parental care.

wasn’t her sister harmed as a result of a failed lobotomy that her father decided she should have?

i will say though that founding the Special Olympics program was an exceptional idea.

Here’s her obituary from the Boston Globe.

Excerpt from her 1962 article, My Sister Rosemary.

I believe she strayed from the norm of her families views and was pro-life :thumbsup:.
May she rest in God’s care.

if you go to this link and look to the right, there is a related article called “The Forgotten Kennedy”. it speaks of the failed lobotomy she had at the young age of 23 that resulted in her being institutionalized.

in today’s medical world, she probably would not have been labeled mentally retarded.
the article i reference is very good and it sounds like through her teens, rosemary was bright and it was in early adulthood that she became more assertive and they think it could have been from depression rather than anything else. joe kennedy did not like any kind of weakness.

Eunice Kennedy-Shriver was a wonderful and caring lady; she was also a faithful, orthodox and pro-life Catholic. She was a shining light in the midst
of a family of disobedient apostates.

May the Archangel Michael speed her through the Pearly Gates.
God bless Eunice Kennedy-Shriver.

Rosemary was not retarded -they have letters, arithmetic homework and other evidence to prove it. From her school work they say her IQ was at least 90 -not fantastic but not retarded either. She was not as bright as the other Kennedy children and began to rebel in her teens. I think what happened to her is just atrocious.

Her sister from what I’ve read was not like some of the more prominent Kennedy’s that disregard to Church teaching. May she rest in peace. :signofcross:

from the article it does not sound like she was mentally retarded. things were so different back in those days. i also think it was terrible what they did to her.
if you ever get a chance to see the PBS program American Experience - they did an excellent program about lobotomy and how they were done. it was very interesting.
thank goodness they stopped doing them. i wouldn’t have been able to endure one i know that. they actually went into the brain through the eye somehow or the eye socket. sometimes, the patients weren’t even asleep. there were many done. they usually repeat their programs and i recommend people see it to see how popular the procedure was.
it was also controversial. some people swore that it helped their relatives and others did not. obviously, rosemary’s failed and that must have been hard to live with. people were so concerned back then with stature and reputation. i don’t know that much about eunice shriver. it does seem like her faith meant more to her than the rest of the family.
may she rest in peace.

Let’s be fair to the Kennedys. When it comes to Eunice’s generation, the only ones who can actually be ripped for not being real Catholics are Jean and Ted. JFK was philanderer, but no apostate. Joe Jr. died in WWII, Rosemary had her tragedy before she really got the chance to become her own woman, while Bobby, Eunice, and Patty were all Catholics as strict as you’ll find.

As for Eunice Kennedy-Shriver, may she rest in peace and be greeted in heaven by those who have gone before. She was a great woman, in many ways. The world is a lesser place without her in it.

My great-grandmother’s sister actually was supposedly helped by a lobotomy. She was depressed, and it made her feel better. I’m glad that there are better treatments now because it seems a lot could go wrong and a lot of people were hurt by them though.

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