EUROPE/GREAT BRITAIN - 4,000 children die for lack of clean water every day


London - On the occasion of World Water Day, which is celebrated today, March 22, the NGO for development cooperation and humanitarian aid Plan International has denounced the death of more than 4,000 children every day due to lack of drinking water. Although it is a right not only a key service, about 663 million people have no access to water. In addition, reports Plan in the note sent to Fides, women and girls are doubly penalized since they have to supply water for all the daily family needs, a commitment that excludes them from education and from economic activity. In some areas of Africa and Asia they are forced to walk kilometers on foot carrying heavy jerry cans of water and, in the world every day, they spend 125 million hours collecting and carrying water.
El Niño has worsened the situation which has caused a heavy drought in the Horn of Africa. In Ethiopia, the lack of rain has put at risk nearly 6 million people. Among the consequences of the drought there is an increase in school dropout. To help families, in fact, children are forced not to go school at least three times a week. In the village of Kamuli, Uganda, women and children are forced to walk 40 minutes to get to the first source available where they stand in line for another 90 minutes. Among the initiatives carried out, Plan International España, with the support of Ferrovial, has launched a project for 13,000 people in 15 rural communities of Buyende District, Uganda.

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The title is very confusing. On quick reading without going to the article, it makes it sound as if 4.000 children are dying for lack of clean water in Europe and Great Britain.


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