Europe on the verge of collapse: Soros


Billionaire financier George Soros has warned that the European Union is on the “verge of collapse” over the migrant crisis and is in “danger of kicking the ball further up the hill” in its management of the issue which has seen more than a million migrants and refugees arrive in the region in


Typical rivalry cutting down on the other party.



Hmmm. I always thought Soros, and by extension, Obama and the rest of the progressives, want us to be like more like Europe. :rolleyes:



It does not seem that the EU is facing collapse

‘‘Economy of the European Union’’


Current statements by European leaders seem more on the lines of closed borders and ‘Festung Europa’ (Fortress Europe) than collapse.


I don’t trust George Soros. I sometimes wonder if he is not one of the “powers to be” behind the migrant crisis to begin with.


Its only fantasy, but it would be good if Soros had a financial collapse (minus harm to all innocent folks)!


:thumbsup: Either that or he has a billion dollar bet on the Euro to crash, as he did with the British pound.


I know recently he was heavily investing in the coal industry after fighting to bring it down (and convenientlt lower the prices to make it cheaper for him to buy!)


Membership of the EU has helped many countries to successfully deal with corruption.
Many Eastern European countries of the former Soviet bloc have changed beyond recognition.
Also, there have been tremendous prospects for young people, not only for skilled trades workers. In big cities, European capitals business always needs workers and there are enormous opportunities of working abroad.
The EU has helped tens of millions of people to get out of poverty


Ha!:rotfl: Good find, Seamus! Isn’t it rather amusing that Mister Soros omits the fact that he himself bears a huge, huge, huge responsibility for the “crisis” in the first place. Ya just gotta laugh at such hypocrisy!:slight_smile: If it weren’t for George’s infamous overt and covert destabilizing machinations via the hundreds of organizations his Open Society backs, supports and directs, this mess wouldn’t even exist in the first place!:rolleyes:


I think the E.U. has been better for Ukraine and Eastern European countries than being in the Russian sphere of influence, but is that good enough?

I absolutely hope that the European Union collapses. It was not founded as a political union, but over time it has become one. And it increasingly tells states what to do. Italy is voting on gay marriage, largely bc of E.U. pressure. States in Europe have less power to dictate their own national policies. Which is on full display over the migrant crisis.

The Ukrainians might have a better border situation than they would have under Russia. But again, that’s not saying a lot. A lot of countries in the E.U. don’t want millions of migrants moving around. Germany was ok with hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of migrants coming, but that shouldn’t dictate what the people of Hungary or the U.K. get. But, it has.

Watch any Nigel Farage videos on youtube to get a sense of how intrinsically anti-democratic the E.U. is:

And this one is a bit more scholarly (there are also videos of the pro-EU side… if you absolutely wanted to sit through those… :p) :


I wholeheartedly disagree with your hope.

I would suggest that the central reason for what has gone wrong lies in the fact that Europe has not been ‘union’ enough - rather than being some kind of democratic union at a ‘meta’ federal level (however much that might or might not include in terms of unified powers), everything has really been negotiations between an undemocratic central organisation and the aims and ambitions of domestic politicians of the most ‘important’ member states. No wonder that it seems unresponsive and arbitrary.

The answer to dealing with a headache, though, is not necessarily shooting oneself in the head.


Shooting oneself in the head? What a farcical analogy. The nation states of Europe survived before the European Union and they will do so afterwards.

I encourage you to watch those videos. Also, your account doesn’t say where you live, if I might ask, do you live in Europe?
You might be aware that on several different occasions the European Union has stamped out democratic decisions. The French and Dutch voted against the further broadening of powers and further centralisation in Brussels, but the E.U. simply came up with the Lisbon Treaty in 2009. The Constitution didn’t get ratified by member states as the books stipulated it needed to, so they just passed it in the form of a treaty.
Because they lost a democratic vote, they simply make up the rules as they go along.**

Further union? Why are you so enamored with this institution?
When a government fails, how can the answer be to give them more power?
More powers? The answer is less government. Or, more government closer to home.

How do you envision further union?
Perhaps the “meta federal level” can be done away with by scrapping the differing policies of the national governments. **The problems you speak of can only be got rid of 2 ways: **

  1. Get rid of 28 countries with 28 different governments, who will always differ on policy.
  2. Get rid of the European Union.

This is a Catholic forum, and I’ll note the Church’s teaching on subsidiarity.
Most power should be concentrated closest to the people.
Family–>Local Government–>National Government.

That is subsidiarity. I’m not sure how the Church’s teaching can countenance 500 million people being ruled by 1 government, when they can be better governed by 28.


In European countries who joined the EU, the breakaway regions, or the regions who in the past, were insisting on its special authenticity, then themselves ask to join them. Look at Moldova, look at Turkish Cypriots.
Тhey are asked to join Romania, to join Greek Cyprus, in order to get the membership in the family of prestige club under the name of the EU.
EU its a Prestige Club with а huge opportunities.
Ukraine has no other choice.
Grand Duchy of Lithuania has not yet been scheduled on the world map.
To be buffer state, to be Eastern European Palestine, to be the hot spot where every day people are dying, no - it is necessary to fight corruption by European methods, to join the civilized European community, and then the rebel regions themselves will be begging to take them back.
Even now, when EU is talking about on visa-free regime for Ukraine, Crimea and Donetsk youth, who in the past idealized Russian world are urgently desired to declare that they are Ukrainians.
In order to restore the fallen areas sometimes do not need tanks and guns, you just need to make concrete steps for European integration, to change from the inside and then they will beg to be reunited back with us.


Really? During which decades? During which centuries? Having what particular boundaries? With what particular persecuted minorities?

I would encourage you to undertake a brief study of the history of our continent.



*American business magnate and investor George Soros no longer views Russia as an enemy of the EU and is now openly calling on Brussels to cooperate with Moscow, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote.

American business magnate and investor George Soros no longer views Russia as an enemy of the EU and is now openly calling on Brussels to cooperate with Moscow, German newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (DWN) wrote.

According to him, the European Union may soon collapse due to the refugee crisis and the lack of leadership. In order to survive, European leaders need a “new Marshall Plan” in which Russia should play a key role, the investor stressed.

Read more:


I had hoped you would’ve responded to the substantive points I made.
I’m a history major. And I have a good understanding of European history. Other than the Roman Empire, Europe has had many many states.
As for persecuted minorities, surely you’re aware that Jews in France are doing much worse because of the E.U. The E.U. has allowed for open borders, and a flood of Muslim immigration to all over Europe. Anti-Semitism is rearing its head in a big way in Europe, and its largely due to the E.U. because nation states cannot set sensible immigration policies and prevent mass immigration.

Anyways, I’m not going to repeat all the substantive points I made on the E.U. But, its my belief that the E.U. is going to crumble, its just a question of time. If the Eurozone crisis wasn’t enough, I think the migration crisis is going to be the nail in the coffin.


Every day we now hear stories of how disruptive the refugees are making things for Europeans. Today, the port of Calais was closed down by refugee marchers and there radical leftist allies, who went so far as to menace French people in there own front yards. Finland is conducting classes for refugees and how they should behave towards Finnish women, and the Bulgarian Red Cross is saying that 3 to 4 million more refugees are coming by Spring. Wait till it get’s warm outside, then we’re really going to see chaos if this insanity isn’t stopped.


Shooting oneself in the head? What a farcical analogy. The nation states of Europe survived before the European Union and they will do so afterwards.

Sure-- with a major war once a generation, as before. As the Israelis say, whose grandparents were mown under the last time that happened, NEVER AGAIN!

As a citizen of the country that, along with the CCCP, donated oceans of blood to put out the flames last time, I say there’s a lot more at stake than cultural pride and sovereignty. Those are nice, chivalric medieval sentiments, but the world cannot afford them anymore.


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