Europe Says "no" to Abortion As a Human Right

Abortion advocates in the European Union’s parliament were just defeated when they attempted to define abortion as a human right as policy, legislators who defeated this attempt applauding in the chamber when it was voted down.

I must say, that is a pleasant surprise.

The Left isn’t going to like this when they hear about it.

Thank God!! For protecting the women, men and children of Europe from this atrocity. It is ironic that the advocates of this abhorrent procedure advance it although there is no scientific evidence that it benefits women emotionally or psychologically, and yet Christians are mocked and castigated for not being able provide conclusive proof of God…

That’s good news.

That IS good news.

A quote from the aforementioned article from the opposition: “hypocrisy has prevailed over the rights of women” and suggested that “the voters of Europe won’t forget this shameful vote.”

Unfortunately, I think this is how it will be reported on the news over here.

Civil rights: 10
God: 0

I hope I’m wrong

Indeed. :thumbsup:

Thanks be to God.
Notice it was defeated during the week that we celebrate the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of Guadalupe? Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. :heaven:
We must continue to pray.

Halleluijah! God is holy!

I wont post my opinion because its not the majority here, but i didnt know the EU had a legislative body


Wel, now you do. :slight_smile:

Surely even you would not want abortion enshrined as a human right. Thats a little different than just deciding to not make a law about it, that is the equivalent of saying that it must be upheld and anybody who speaks or works against it could be punished for doing so for infringing on others rights.

As for the EU, yes, it absolutely does, the European Parliament. All of the EU’s member states elect representatives, or MEP’s (Member of the European Parliament) for it. I’m a little fuzzy on the details but its dynamic is definitely different than that of the US.

Just in case this is helpful–I thought I would provide the link to the European Parliament website, which explains its activities. This is

And then the persecutions begin. :hmmm:

It might surprise American conservatives but a lot of different people oppose unlimited access to abortion, they are just less frenetic about it.


Did you see how close the vote was, though?

Excellent news! :thumbsup:

Now to go troll all my gynecologist friends about this… :smiley:

I believe it is a human right to have options for rape victums- outside that i dont support abortion, but in a rape case it becomes a life long flash back trigger.

If you believe the above, then you do support abortion. Ironic, isn’t it?

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