Europe Says "no" to Abortion As a Human Right

I dont support it in the sense of advocating for a women in such a situation getting an abortion I feel it should be a “nuclear option” in rape cases but I would try to steer a victim towards adoption or counciling to keep the child. Im for keeping the door unlocked but not pushing someone towards it, there are better options to push them towards for sure

Yes, but even that is very different from saying it is a human right. If it’s a human right then it is something we have an obligation to provide to all people and which we would not be allowed to speak up against or act against ever, under any circumstances, even if it was someone aborting their child just because their child was female. Which is not what you agree with at all.

Passing the legislation would have led to some interesting legal contradictions because the European Court Of Human Rights (which is entirely separate from the EU) decided in 2004 (on appeal of the case Vo v. France) that abortion was a matter for the several states rather a general right.

Direct abortion is never acceptable. That is a Church teaching, even in rape cases, which you have to accept.

Really Right? I’m a liberal but my abortion views are very conservative for my party

For sure, gender selection is no reason to abort, its fine to want a certain gender more than the other but aborting is not the answer for that, if you really want a certain gender there are lots of orphans who need loving homes.

There is no reason EVER for a direct abortion. That is the Church teaching. There are no exceptions to this teaching.

All I know is I would’nt have a female in my life get one, and sense my vote really does not count anyways i vote for Vermin Supreme (look him up hes a guy who runs for president on crazy platforms)

Sorry but I’m trying to understand your views on abortion and from your posts it is not clear. Are you saying you agree with the Church teachings that direct abortion is never acceptable and there are no exceptions or are you saying women who have been raped should be allowed to have an abortion?

Im moving towards the church teaching, i wont be picket lining planed parenthood but still it is a human life, I still feel people should have options open to them but in unplanned pregnancy there are non abortion options they can go to

As long as you understand that the teaching against abortion is an infallible teaching which can never be changed and with regard to direct abortion there are no exceptions, even in cases of rape.

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